'Top Chef' New Orleans Episode 6: Preview, TV Info, & More

Last week’s “Top Chef” choice of guest judge Lea Michele continues to bother me. She might be a celebrity that generates extra interest in the show, but who needs a vegan judge on a cooking show? It’s would be like asking a Buddhist monk to referee a boxing match. Sure he might be able to do it, but there has to be someone better out there.

Well it seems the producers of the show noticed their mistake because this week’s special guest is Chef John Besh, a legendary New Orleans restauranteur. Last week’s Halloween Masquerade party looks like training wheels compared to what’s ahead tonight for the chefs. Here is the Bravo synopsis which is free of “Glee” actresses.

New Orleans super-chef John Besh introduces the cheftestants to one of his favorite farms where they are tasked with making a dish out of a prized local crop — the creole tomato. For the Elimination Challenge, the farm to table theory continues as the cheftestants try to impress the upper-tiered chefs in John Besh’s restaurant empire.

We saw from last week’s preview that the chefs were visiting a working farm. Now we know from Bravo that the farm is a setting for tonight’s Quickfire. A farm to table Elimination Challenge will press the chefs to be on their game, but according to the preview there is another twist. Cue the product placement music because it seems the chefs have to also incorporate Philadelphia Cream Cheese into their dishes. Here’s the preview.

Expect long drawn out shots of Philadelphia containers, and the chefs to reminisce about how important cream cheese has been in their cooking career. Not sure how that product ties into New Orleans cuisine, but I’m sure Padme will be provided with a workable answer. Excited for the merging of Chef John Besh and America’s favorite bagel spread? Here’s all the info to be apart of tonight’s “Top Chef”.

Date: Wednesday, November 6th
Episode Title: “Campfires, Cream Cheese and Countryside”
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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