'The Blacklist' Season 1, Episode 8: Preview, TV Info, & More


Things are really starting to get confusing for FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen. Just a few weeks ago she was a first year analyst with a teacher husband in great shape and no care in the world. That was before Lizzy was thrust into working with James Spader’s Reddington. Since then almost every part of Lizzy’s world has been challenged by her work with Red. First we had the spy box under her floors that implicated her husband as a super spy. Then on top of that we have Spader’s Red chewing scenery with reckless abandon every time the topic of Lizzy’s Dad she never met comes up.

Tonight’s episode seems to promise new information about the identity of her Dad, but then again this is “The Blacklist” so expect a few more red herrings before we get the truth. The smart money is still on Red being her lost Dad, but until then we will have to wait as the show spoons out possible explanations. This week the Lizzy and Red are tracking down a domestic terrorist group that is led by a mysterious character named “General Ludd”. Here’s the quick NBC synopsis of tonight’s episode.

Liz and the FBI go after an anti-capitalist cabal that’s intent on bringing the U.S. economy to its knees. Justin Kirk guest stars.

Not much info there except that Justin Kirk, from “Weeds” and the short lived “Animal Practice” guests tonight. While he’s normally a gurantee of comic relief, tonight seems to find Kirk possibly running the domestic terror group. Is Kirk the mysterious “General Ludd”? He’s definitely a big enough star, and as “Law & Order” taught us the biggest guest star is almost always the show’s bad guy.

Here’s tonight promo for “The Blacklist”. Check out the possible Dad revelation at the end. Smart money is on Red using the man in the bed to keep Lizzy off the true scent that he is her actual Father. The show has done everything except show pictures of Lizzy in Red’s wallet.

Catch all of “The Blacklist” revelations tonight on NBC.

Date: Monday, November 11th
Episode Title: “General Ludd”
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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