'Mike & Molly' Season 4, Episode 2: Preview, TV Info, & More

The fourth season of CBS’ hit sitcom ‘Mike & Molly’ shook up the plot lines by having Molly, played by Melissa McCarthy, leave the teaching profession for a chance at being a writer. It’s a big change for the blue collar couple who prove each week that overweight people are just like the rest of us. This week Molly the writer starts to spread her wings by attempting a career as a crime novelist. With Mike’s job as a police officer it seems like the perfect jumping off point.

Here’s the CBS synopsis for tonight’s episode.

Molly decides writing a crime novel will be her new career, so she goes on a ride-along with Mike to research a book she wants to pen.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid working with your spouse. In the case of “Mike & Molly” expect this rule to be proven true numerous times throughout the episode. Molly is way too neurotic to survive a night in a squad car without overstepping her boundaries at least once during the night. The promo for tonight’s episode gives us a hint of what that will look like during the ride along. Also its seems Mike’s Mom isn’t as supportive about the change from teacher to writer.

Tonight’s promo for “Mike & Molly”.

Molly’s ride-along seems to have everything in it except the theme from “Cops”. Here’s all the info for tonight’s new “Mike & Molly”.

Date: Monday, November 11th
Episode Title: “The First and Last Ride-Along”
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Watch: CBS
Online Stream: CBS.com

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