'Eastbound and Down' Recap: Chapter 28


It’s time for an Eastbound and Down Christmas.

In the second to last episode of the season, Kenny is living the highlife; having sex with beautiful women, an endless supply of drugs, fat stacks of cash, and in the wake of last week’s events, he is now the host of his very own talk show, Sports Sesh.

Stevie also gets a taste of the highlife when he decides to use plastic surgery to give himself a more defined chin. This also however leaves him with no money to buy his children Christmas presents.

Kenny has big plans for the Sports Sesh Christmas special, and the other hosts of the show don’t seem too thrilled.

During a divorce mediation session, Kenny reveals that he and his lawyers are denying April access to their money. Later, in private, he reveals that all April has to do is call off the divorce, and then things can return to normal.

Dustin and Cassie are waiting for Kenny when he returns to his hotel. They express their sympathies to Kenny for his divorce, and ask him to spend Christmas with them. Kenny takes this as pity, gets defensive, and denies any depression saying he’s never been happier.

During the Christmas special dress-rehearsal, Jimmy and Rodney get annoyed with Kenny and all the changes he wants to make to the Christmas show. They quit leaving Kenny to host the show alone.

Two days before Christmas, Kenny celebrates Christmas with his children. He gets them all the presents on their list so that April has nothing left to give them. They don’t seem too thrilled with the material presents Kenny gives them explaining that all they really want for Christmas is for their pet wolf Dakota to come back.

You can tell that Kenny wants his family back, but he has too much pride to admit he was wrong. April gives Kenny a gift and instead of thanking her, he just tosses it in his limo as if it means nothing to him.

That afternoon, Kenny decides to close his Taters and Tits kiosk because it isn’t making enough money. Stevie begs him not to do it since this is his only source of income, but Kenny being the Scrooge he is ignores Stevie’s pleas and closes it anyway. Stevie has finally had enough of Kenny’s inability to be a decent person and storms off ending their friendship yet again.

Kenny doesn’t take this very well and decides to get drunk before his Christmas special. When he comes out on stage, the audience seems to enjoy his humor at first, until he starts insulting Santa Clause and Christmas itself. Eventually, the audience turns on him, and Kenny implodes effectively ending his television career with a single show.

Back at his hotel he opens the present April got him. It’s a Christmas tree ornament of a baseball player. Maria knocks on his door and explains that Stevie is missing. Kenny is still mad at Stevie, but like a true friend, he decides to help look for him anyway.

After tracing Stevie’s credit card, they find his car at a motel. When they enter the motel room, Stevie has a gun to his head. He tells them that he’s a loser who can’t even afford to buy his family Christmas presents and doesn’t deserve to live. Luckily, they’re able to convince him not to kill himself, but when he takes the gun away from his head, it accidentally misfires and takes his new chin completely off.

That night, Kenny decides to take Dustin and Cassie up on their offer. Dustin finally forgives Kenny for faking his own death explaining that when he heard his brother had died, it felt like a part of him died as well.

The next day, on Christmas morning, Kenny goes out looking for Dakota.

At the Jenowski residence, Stevie explains how sorry he is to his children that he couldn’t afford to buy them presents. Just then, the doorbell rings, and to his surprise, there is a pile of presents at the front door along with a copy of Kenny’s screenplay which Stevie had been dying to read.

Kenny finally finds Dakota. He leaves him tied to a post in the front yard with a bow on his collar and then rings the doorbell, giving his children the only Christmas present they really wanted. In a closing monologue, Kenny says, “Even lone wolves run in packs sometimes.”

Tune in to HBO next Sunday at 10PM for the epic conclusion to the Kenny Powers Saga.

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