'The Walking Dead' Recap: Internment


This episode focuses mostly on Herschel’s struggle to keep as many of the sick people alive as possible.

In the opening of the episode, Rick drives back to the prison while contemplating his decision to exile Carol.

Herschel, Glenn, and Sasha force a breathing tube down Henry’s throat to help him breath. Henry is one of the survivors who is dangerously close to dying due to this killer flu.

After stabilizing his breathing, Herschel and Glenn discover that one of the sick survivors, Mr. Jacobs, has perished. Instead of waiting for him to turn in the cell where everyone would see, Herschel gets a stretcher and with Glenn’s help they take him to a separate room where they prevent his turn to a walker by stabbing him in the skull.

Maggie goes to see Glenn in the sick ward, but is surprised to see Herschel instead. She’s worried at first until he explains that Glenn is just tired from helping people all day. Maggie offers her help, but Herschel refuses. He won’t allow his daughter to risk catching the deadly flu as well. He does his best to reassure her and then heads back into the sick ward.

Inside, Glenn thanks Herschel for keeping Maggie outside. He misses her so much, but knows it’s for the best that she doesn’t see how sick he is.

The next morning, Maggie keeps herself busy killing walkers at the fence when Rick returns alone. Rick asks about Carl and Judith, and Maggie tells him they’re fine. Maggie asks where Carol is, and Rick tells her how he discovered she was the one who killed Karen and David and he decided not to let her come back.

Rick then goes to see Carl who asks if he can come out of the quarantine yet. Rick tells him no, but Carl persists saying he can’t protect him forever. Rick replies that he has to try and then walks outside.

Back in the sick ward, Herschel goes to see Doctor S. He has gotten much worse. He is now bleeding from his ears and eyes. The doctor insists that Herschel make sure everyone’s cell doors are closed and locked because a lot of people are going to start dying.

While Herschel closes the cell doors, one of the sick stumbles out and dies in front of everyone. Sasha grabs the stretcher and Herschel wheels the man out to the side room from before and stabs him in the head. Rick stops by and gives Herschel some words of wisdom telling him that his perseverance is giving everyone hope.

Outside, Rick and Maggie try to control the overwhelming hoard of walkers at the fence.

Inside, Sasha passes out from the flu, but Herschel gets to her in time with an IV and she begins to feel somewhat better.

Back in Henry’s cell, Glenn discovers that the man has died. As he tries to call to Herschel for help, Glenn falls to the floor coughing up blood. Several recently deceased sick people rise as walkers and begin attacking the sick ward.

Maggie hears gunshots and runs to her father’s aid. Herschel finds Glenn choking on the floor.

Rick and Carl reinforce the fence outside, but the walkers prove too strong and force their way through. Rick and Carl run for the door to the prison. They’ve lost control of the outside. They grab some automatic rifles and start picking off the walkers in quick succession. Rick is surprised to see how well Carl handles himself in a gunfight.

Back inside, Herschel deals with his own walker problem. After killing a walker, Herschel finds that Glenn needs the breathing tube from now walker-Henry’s mouth. He fights with the walker as Maggie finally finds a way in. She gets to him just in time and kills Henry. They get back to Glenn just in time and insert the breathing tube.

Herschel tells Maggie he didn’t want her in here. She tells him she HAD to help… just like him.

Back outside, Carl and Rick have stopped the hoard of walkers. They see a van drive up with Daryl’s group and the medical supplies. They all rush inside to help the survivors.

Maggie insists that her father get some rest now that the medical supplies have arrived. His hard work has saved many lives.

The reunited survivors catch up and begin to rebuild. Outside in the distance the Governor creepily stares at the prison.

Tune in to AMC next Sunday at 9PM to see what nefarious plan the Governor has for the remaining survivors.

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