'The Millers' Season 1, Epsiode 7: Preview, TV Info, & More

Margo Martindale’s portrayal of “Carol Miller” on CBS’ hit comedy “The Millers” is a Bea Arthur for a new generation. Will Arnett is a well recognized funny guy, and Beau Bridges a consistently great actor, but it’s Martindale that lifts the show to another level. She’s able to make any crazy story from her past seem totally believable. She’s the kind of mother who looks like she could kick some ass and then dish out a killer hug. Here’s what CBS is saying about tonight’s all new episode of “The Millers”.

When Carol finds out that Tom never had “the talk” with Nathan about the birds and the bees, she insists it’s not too late to gather the family together and do it now.

Sex talk between Martindale and Arnett means great awkward comedy. “The Millers” also made a very smart move in casting JB Smoove as Nathan’s best friend on the show. Smoove, better known as “Leon” from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, fits perfectly into the show. It creates a cast that can be teamed in many different and interesting ways. I’m looking forward to the episode when Martindale and Smoove have to go on a road trip together.

Here’s the CBS promo for tonight’s episode.

Here’s the info to be apart of tonight’s all new episode of “The Millers”.

Date: Thursday, November 14th
Episode Title: “The Talk”
Start Time: 8:30 p.m. ET
Watch: CBS
Online Stream: CBS.com

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