Jean-Claude Van Damme's Amazing New Volvo Ad

That headline is not a typo. Jean-Claude Van Damme, the man known and “The Muscles from Brussels”, is apart of a completely amazing ad campaign for Volvo Trucks. Van Damme is in the middle of a small career renaissance. The star of “Bloodsport”, “Universal Soldier”, and “Timecop”, hasn’t been in the spotlight for years, but since his role in “The Expendables 2″ we’ve begun to see more and more of him on our screen, and after seeing this new Volvo ad no one could argue that isn’t a good thing.

Check out the video guaranteed to make your day.

So much to love about that clip. Sure there is the amazing split between two trucks hurtling down the road. That’s pretty cool. However don’t underestimate the use of Enya’s “Only Time”, which gives the clip a zen like quality. The music feels like something we’d see in a Vegas act, and it’s perfect for visuals. Then there is the Van Damme voice over with his trademark accent. If Pepe Le Pew ever had an opportunity to be the voice of a car company it would sound just like this.

What are you doing still reading this? Get back up there and re-watch this video. Friday’s are why videos like this were invented.

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