'Homeland' Season 3, Episode 8: Preview, TV Info, & More


Last week on “Homeland” the plot to flip Javadi, the Deputy Chief of Iranian Intelligence, was officially put into place. Sure Javadi had killed his wife and daughter-in-law, but Saul, Carrie, and the CIA have bigger fish to fry. Javadi was put on a plane bound for Iran right at the same time Senator Lockhart found out about the existence of the plan. He demanded that Saul and Dar Adal stop the man from leaving the country, but they locked him inside a conference room. The episode ended with Javadi revealing to Carrie that Brody wasn’t actually responsible for the Langley bombing, and that the lawyer she spoke to earlier has the info she needs.

“Homeland” fans were just waiting for Brody’s name to come up again. He’s been off the show’s radar for far too long, and now Carrie has another case to champion. If she can find the real Langley bomber then she’ll prove Brody is innocent, and they’ll live happily ever after on a cul-de-sac in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The Showtime synopsis doesn’t reveal much about tonight’s episode beyond that search.

Carrie and Quinn pursue a key suspect. Saul deals with political backlash.

The promo for this week gives us a better idea of tonight’s drama. First we get to see Saul explain to Senator Lockhart, the incoming CIA chief, that he not only defied orders to stop the plan, but that now Javadi is safely away to Iran. We also get to see Carrie and Dar working together to track down this other Langley fugitive. Of course Carrie oversteps her bounds during the mission, but I mean she is Carrie after all. This time though instead of having an angry one night stand there is a sniper gun manned by Quinn pointed at her. Check out the promo below.

Now I don’t want to ruin tonight’s show for anyone, but I highly doubt Carrie is going to be killed by friendly fire. Maybe it’s the fact she’s the star of the show or the queen of the best actress Emmy, but I have a hunch she is going to be fine.

Want even more “Homeland” and Carrie? Check out Claire Danes’ appearance on “Charlie Rose” this week where she reveals that Carrie and Brody have to end up together because they are star crossed lovers, and some of her methods in achieving the bi-polar character of Carrie so convincingly.

“Homeland” is all new tonight, and here’s all the info to be apart of the kickoff to Brody’s possible return.

Date: Sunday, November 17th
Episode Title: “A Red Wheel Barrow”
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Showtime
Online Stream: Sho.com

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