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'Eastbound and Down' Recap: Chapter 29 Series Finale


This is technically Eastbound and Down’s second attempt at a series finale.

The episode begins with another surprising cameo similar to the last series finale’s intro with Seth Rogen. This time, it’s Sacha Baron Cohen stealing the show with a character just as shockingly blunt as Bruno or Borat. After calling a flight attendant to his seat, he shows her his “business”, hands her a card with his bank account balance, and convinces her to join the mile high club inside of about two minutes.

Then it’s back to Kenny Powers. Kenny walks into another mediation hearing with April and promptly fires all of his lawyers. He then tells April to wait a week before signing the divorce papers, and if she still feels as strongly about it then, he’ll sign without protest. Her lawyer doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but April agrees.

Next, Kenny shows up on the set of Sports Sesh to apologize to his staff for his behavior at the Christmas special. After firing his body guards, he is interrupted by Sacha Baron Cohen’s character who introduces himself as the head of the network, Ronnie Thelman. He offers Kenny his own TV show called Powers Hour, and tells him he’s going to be the next Ellen. Ronnie requests Guy Young as the first guest of the show, and Kenny agrees to try and give his former enemy a chance at redemption.

At Stevie’s house, Kenny asks his friend what he thought of his autobiographical screenplay. Stevie says it was good, BUT… and then proceeds to tell Kenny that it’s almost all monologue, and that he doesn’t like the ending. Kenny blame’s Stevie’s honesty on his pain pills, and then decides to take one before leaving.

Kenny then heads to Guy’s house to try to convince his one-time friend to be on his new talk show. Kenny tells Guy he wants to give him a shot at redemption like he once did for Kenny in his time of need. After initially refusing, Guy is eventually swayed by Kenny’s sincerity and agrees to do the interview.

Kenny goes to his son, Toby’s recital that night where he portrays Johnnie Appleseed. Afterwards, he asks April if they can all go out to dinner and be a family again. April explains that nothing has changed, and she still wants to go through with the divorce because she doesn’t want Kenny to break her heart again. She explains that she is moving the kids away since she got a new job. Kenny is upset, but April tells him he can visit anytime.

Before the first episode of Powers Hour, Ronnie visits Kenny in his dressing room. He explains that instead of giving Guy a chance to apologize to the public, he wants Kenny to destroy Guy. Kenny is clearly torn, but agrees to do what Ronnie asks.

During the show, Kenny gets ready to tear Guy apart, but when the time comes, he can’t do it. Kenny realizes that being an asshole is what got him in this mess to begin with. He decides to take this opportunity to give HIMSELF a shot at redemption. He apologizes to his brother, his former costars, his friends, and finally to April. He tells the audience that he ruined things with the only girl he ever loved, and the only one who ever loved him. He then tosses the microphone to Guy to make his apology before walking off of the set.

Ronnie appears again in Kenny’s dressing room. This time he is clearly pissed that Kenny didn’t do what he was told. He shouts at Kenny and calls him a sissy so Kenny knocks him out and then leaves the dressing room.

He heads to April’s house and says goodbye to his children before heading inside to give the signed divorce papers to April. He apologizes for everything and tells her he was never unhappy with his family. He was unhappy with himself for not being a success. He knows now though that he was a success all along BECAUSE of his family. He was a good dad, and a good husband. When he turns to leave, April stops him and kisses him. It seems that Kenny’s redemption is complete.

Now, the show could have easily ended here, but clearly, Jody Hill decided to break the fourth wall, and give the audience some well-deserved fanfare.

In what appears to be the epilogue of the series, Kenny grows old with April. They go to his son, Toby’s graduation, now played by Alexander Skarsgard, followed by his daughter’s wedding, now played by Lindsay Lohan.

Kenny and April are then shown leaving a play. They walk down an alley and are attacked by muggers. April gets shot and killed and Kenny avenges her death before diving into a depression where he abuses drugs and alcohol, landing him in rehab. When he gets out, he decides to move to Africa where he then gets remarried.

Years later, during a hike with his new wife and five children, Kenny dies of a heart attack. Stevie, Toby, and Shayna are all in attendance as Kenny’s body is burned, and they then take his ashes to a nearby lake and throw them in. The whole time, Kenny is narrating, and just after he says, “The end,” we see Kenny sitting at his laptop working on the new ending to his autobiography.

April walks in and asks, “Are you done yet? You have been in here for hours.” Kenny simply responds, “Yup, I’m finished.”

The end. Cut to black. Audience goes fuckin’ ape shit.

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