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One major takeaway from Claire Danes’ interview on “Charlie Rose” is that all of the terrorist action this season has really been about bringing Brody and Carrie back together. Sure Saul and Carrie launched this long play to draw out Javadi and flip him for the CIA, but all of it was for that final moment in the last episode when Javadi told Carrie that Brody could be proved innocent. Carrie can find out this info by tracing the real bomber through the law firm that recruited her for Javadi. So, yeah it’s cool that we have a mole in fictional Iran, but really we have a reason for Brody and Carrie to reunite.

The show kicked off with Saul facing off with Senator Lockhart over the future of the CIA, but this time refereed by White House Chief of Staff Mike Higgins. Saul told the men about the Javadi play, but could only reveal the next phase to Higgins. Higgins takes Saul’s side in terms of clearance, and asks for the Senator to leave the room so that the briefing can continue. Saul cements his exit from the agency in that moment. We don’t hear the exact plan from Saul, but we know two things. One is that he is going on a trip, and two is don’t tell Carrie about it. Those two things seem to equal Brody with flashing red lights attached.

Carrie also visited the OBGYN this episode, and said aloud that she didn’t want to terminate the pregnancy. She was living pretty hard during the first few weeks, but the doctor is hopeful she can turn things around if serious about keeping the baby. Carrie’s dealing with medical problems, and Saul’s wife is clearing her dance card. Last week Saul said he was done with sharing her, and now she ends the relationship with her boyfriend. The guy seems too young for her, and that suspicion is proven right when he later breaks into their house to plant some sort of bugs on Saul’s computers.

Carrie then takes two meetings with Franklin, the lawyer who first contacted her in the hospital, in order to flush out the real bomber and clear Brody’s name. The plot is to force Franklin’s hand by claiming the CIA knew who the real bomber is, and that the firm is under investigation. The CIA launch a surveillance operation, and follow Franklin to a meet up with the real bomber. Franklin is on his way there to give the guy an exit package, and get him out of the country before the CIA arrives. At least that is the impression the CIA is operating under.

The meeting with Franklin and the bomber occurs at a seedy motel. Franklin calls up to find out what room the guy is in, and then things go crazy. Franklin might be a lawyer, but he’s also a Bourne level killer. He pulls a gun and silencer out of his jacket, and heads towards the door. Carrie panics because he could kill their one way to save Brody. She disobeys Dar’s orders to stand down, and approaches the motel. Dar’s point is that if Carrie reveals herself to Franklin then the entire Javadi operaiton is compromised. He can’t allow that, and gives Quinn the call to shoot her if she doesn’t back off.

Carrie is driven by Brody and her new baby with Brody. She can’t just watch and do nothing. Franklin approaches the second floor door and Carrie’s right below him when a muffled shot from Quinn’s sniper rifle goes through her bicep and knocks her to the ground. Franklin hears the sound, but misses the body of Carrie. He knocks on the door and the real bomber answers. Franklin shoots him without a word, and then drags his body to the bathroom. In the room’s tub he throws the body in with a mix of chemicals, but Walter White might encourage him to use a plastic bin instead for safety.

Carrie’s picked up by a speeding recon van that Dar is in, and flees the scene for medical help. With Quinn helping stabilize her Claire Danes’ full force crazy eyes are on display. She’s shocked to be shot, shocked by Franklin, and shocked by one other thing. “Where is Saul?” she asks. Turns out Saul is where we all knew the show was headed from the start of season three.

Saul arrives in a convoy of black CIA SUVs to the scary abandonned office building we saw Brody living in earlier in the season. After paying off the guy with the spider neck tattoo Saul is brought up alone to meet Brody. He’s still where we left him in that small cell addicted to heroin. He might be a broken man again, but we saw what he was able to do before post captivity. No matter what happens next in the season, Brody will be around.

The scenes for next week even promise a Carrie and Brody reunion. Will she take that time to let him know about Brody Jr.? What is Brody’s exact role in elevating Javadi? Will Saul be in the CIA long enough to see this plan through? Those questions will be answered soon, but at least America’s favorite dysfunctional couple is getting another shot at making it work.

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