'Shahs of Sunset' Season 3, Episode 3: Preview, TV Info, & More


The Shahs spent most of last week deconstructing the drama between Lilly and MJ. The problem started when MJ wasn’t allowed to attend Lilly’s birthday party which looked more like a barbie sweet sixteen on steroids. All of the tension came to a head at a group dinner at the end of the last week’s episode, and tonight’s all new “Shahs of Sunset” kicks off right back at the fight. It appears MJ is back in everyone’s good graces, and Lilly is now beginning to rub people the wrong way.

Besides that fight the episode also featured Asa’s trip to her “Diamond Water” factory. Asa was shocked to find out that her over the top bottle design, it looks more like cheap vase than bottle, would cost so much to produce. Just a reminder that “Diamond Water” is just water that flows over a diamond. You could buy that product or just hold your wife’s wedding ring under the tap.

Here’s the synopsis of tonight’s all new episode of “Shahs of Sunset”.

MJ is back in the group’s good graces, but after spilling one of GG’s secrets to her boyfriend Sean, she finds herself in yet another rift. GG asks for an apology from MJ, but MJ refuses leaving GG to retaliate by trying to get Leila to fire her. Lilly is still reeling from MJ’s assertion that no one in the group is her friend and questions why she even bothers. Mike helps his family pull together an epic Persian party to celebrate his brothers’ graduation from dental school, but tempers boil over at the party when Leila has to pull an angry GG and MJ apart.

Tonight is what happens when GG isn’t the center of attention. Just when the group starts to coalesce behind MJ here comes GG to break everyone apart. The real petty thing is she has her sister fire MJ as her realtor. That’s too cold. Not sure what exactly constitutes an “epic Persian party”, but expect gold and sequins. Need a little more preview for tonight’s fireworks? Check out this clip MJ and GG going at it outside the club. When GG closes her eyes during conversation things are about to go south.

Note to all of GG’s friends; She doesn’t care about her necklace looking ridiculous. Also if you are so unaware of your rage that you are frequently led out from public events, it might time for some clinical therapy.

The all new “Shahs of Sunset” kicks off tonight. Check it out with the below info.

Date: Tuesday, November 19th
Episode Title: “Bad Things Happen When I Eat Salami”
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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