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The all new show from Australian comedian Chris Lilley kicks off tonight on HBO. Lilley is the brains behind the previous HBO hits, “Summer Heights High” and “Angry Boys”. Lilley’s show revolve around bizarre characters that are all played by Lilley himself. Lilley is a Tracy Ullman for a new generation. One of his most memorable chatacters is Ja’mie King, the spoiler private school girl who was forced to attend public school in “Summer Heights High”. One of my favorite parts of that show was when Ja’mie threatened her mother that get pregnant to punish her if she wasn’t moved back to private school.

If you like “The Office” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm” then you will love Lilley’s new show. Check out the below preview for tonight’s all new show for a bit of that winning Ja’mie flavor.

The fact that Lilley is close to turning forty makes his portrayal even better. One long running Ja’mie gag is her small underdeveloped breasts. As she is quick to remind her friends, she had an eating disorder in year 6, and that’s why her boobs are so small. It’s that type of show.

Don’t miss out on tonight’s premiere because this could be the funniest show of 2013.

Date: Sunday, November 24th
Episode Title: “Ja’mie Private School Girl Episode 1″
Start Time: 10:30 p.m. ET
Watch: HBO
Online Stream: HBO.com

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