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This weekend might have been devoted to all things “Doctor Who” in light of his 50th Anniversary, but the return of the time lord isn’t the only major project coming up for the BBC. On January 19th, the third season “Sherlock”, the hit reboot of the classic detective novels by the team behind the “Doctor Who” success. The show stars the now A-List Hollywood team of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Their faces might be more familiar to American audiences, but the third season of “Sherlock” should cement them as the premiere detective show on TV.

The cliffhanger of season two, and yes, spoiler alert time, involved Sherlock leaping to his death in order to save the lives of others. Only at his funeral did we get a glimpse of Sherlock still alive, and now the show needs to explain to the viewers just how he managed to make that work. In the teaser trailer released by the BBC we get a glimpse of the chaos created when word of Sherlock being alive reaches the ears of his fans.

Check out the trailer below.

Expect #SherlockLives to dominated the early weeks of 2014. My one hope is that both Sherlock and Moriarty are brought back for the new season. Andrew Scott’s reinvention of the evil Moriarty was one of the best acting jobs of the past decade. His tranisition from mild mannered nurse to evil crime lord was jaw dropping. By the time he threatens to “burn out the heart” of Sherlock, you really believe him.

Check out Netflix and Amazon Prime if you need to catch up on “Sherlock” before season three drops this January.

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