Best Performances of 'The 2013 American Music Awards'


No one even pretends that winning an “American Music Awards” is a ground breaking achievement. The show itself knows it cannot compete with the Grammy’s in gravitas, but it smartly wages war with must see performances. Here are a few of the best performances from the show hosted by Pitbull.

TLC & Lil Mama – Waterfalls

How can you have TLC without Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes you ask? TLC is tried to answer that tonight with the addition of Lil Mama. Most people might remember her from crashing Jay-Z’s performance at the VMAs. This time her appearance was completely on the up and up. Sadly age had taken its toll on the group. Chili still looked amazing, but T-Boz felt more like an extra from “Orange is the New Black” than an act worth paying for. I also would have preferred the group perform “What about your friends?”.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Miley in a controversial peformance? Stop the clock on that one. This time her crazy schtick involved a giant floating cat that sang along with Miley on stage. Also her outfit looked more painful than sexy. Is she jockey for a Monistat endorsement? Anyway this sort of performance will be dissected on Today and Good Morning America. They love this stuff. “Al, did you see what Miley did last night!?!” This is the one thing your Aunt will ask you about during Thanksgiving.

Imagine Dragons – Revolution

In one performance Imagine Dragons went from “that band with the song I hear on all those car commercials” to “is this the next Coldplay”. Great use of energy and drums.

Lady Gaga & R. Kelly – Do What U Want

While not as raw as their SNL performance, this duet between Lady Gaga and R. Kelly still worked with an Oval Office twist. I still say that the marriage of Gaga and R. Kelly makes as much sense as chocolate and peanut butter. Those two should just make freak music from now until the end of time.

Rihanna – Diamonds

It was a big night for Rihanna, who not only took home her seventh American Music Award, but also breathed new life into her hit song “Diamonds”.


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