'The Blacklist' Season 1, Episode 9: Preview, TV Info, & More


“The Blacklist” was off last week in favor of “The Voice”, which means it has been way too long since we’ve heard from Red and Lizzy. Tonight’s all new episode of “The Blacklist” has been promoted as a “game changer”. Of course that’s what they seem to say about every new episode. They love to scream,”This will be the week that secrets are revealed”, but that never really happens. The big switch tonight is that it doesn’t look like Red and Lizzy are hunting a bad guy this week. The bad guy is hunting them.

The title of this week’s all new “The Blacklist” is “Anslo Garrick”. Garrick might be the newest name on the list, but he isn’t going to wait around for the FBI to find him. Even the brief synopsis from NBC about tonight’s new show all but admits that Red is in for a night of trouble.

An assassination attempt on Red brings the post office black site under siege. Ritchie Coster guest stars.

What kind of savage animal would attack a post office during the holiday season? So many unwanted catalogs will now be delayed. For an even better example of the force Red and Lizzy fight this week check out the below promo from NBC. Mr. Garrick is a scary enough looking guy when he’s not breaking into a secret FBI facility.

Meanwhile, Lizzy is still living with her husband who claims to be a teacher, but obviously is way too in shape for working with third graders. I’m still of the mind that he’s a spy and working against Lizzy. The promo wants us to worry about James Spader’s Red Reddington facing death, but that would be like Jerry moving to Des Moines on “Seinfeld”. Just wouldn’t make any sense. James Spader is the HEMI enginge that makes this show work. Red also needs to hang around because the writer’s aren’t done slowly pulling the “Red is Lizzy’s Father” reveal out.

Check out tonight’s new “The Blacklist” by following the below info.

Date: Monday, November 25th
Episode Title: “Anslo Garrick”
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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