'Family Guy' Kills Off A Main Character

Sunday’s new episode of “Family Guy” ended with a shock, as the Griffins said goodbye to one of their life long friends. Obviously this is a time to remind people of the spoiler nature of this article, and to stop reading now you idiot if you haven’t watched the episode.

So often on TV shows use the threat of death to keep us pinned to out seats. “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has different combinations of agents this close to death every week, but no one really ever gets hurt. It is rare for any network show, even a cartoon, to feature the death of a major character. Audiences just don’t want to be that bummed out about things. A great example is Julianna Margulies whose character committed suicide in the “ER” pilot only to be brought back to life in the show due to viewer outrage.

“Family Guy” definitely went all out tonight in saying goodbye. It all started with Brian and Stewie playing outside, and I’ll let the below video take it from here.

While it is hard to say goodbye to Brian, we will always have the good times living on in syndication. One other aspect of this must be making it easier on show creator Seth McFarlane, who also voices Peter, Stewie, Brian. This move gives him more time away from recording. Brian is sure to come back in dreams and hallucinations, but I wouldn’t hold out hope this was all a bad dream or prank. Brain seems to be gone for good.

Let’s remember the good time with Brian singing one of his favorite songs below.

Step into the light, oh sweet prince Brian. We will all miss you.


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