'Homeland' Recap: 'One Last Time'


We’ve all been friends with a couple like Carrie and Brody once in our lives. The type of couple that professes their love for each other, but can’t go one night without a public fight. The two might have a connection, but they are clearly better off without each other, yet impossible to separate. This week’s “Homeland” delivered the much anticipated reunion of Carrie and Brody, but clearly there isn’t a white picket fence in store for those two.

The action started back at the CIA safe house where Brody is suffering from symptoms of heroin withdrawal. Brody is in such bad shape that he even loses control of his bowels. Definitely not the same guy who was elected to Congress. Actually considering the recent cocaine bust in congress he might fit right in. Anyway the timetable for his withdrawals is a problem because Saul needs Brody for a mission in less than a week.

Because F. Murray Abraham always plays the creepiest roles, Dar Adal is the one who comes up with the solution to Saul’s problem. There is a special drug that can speed up the withdrawal process, but the user can suffer from extreme hallucinations. Saul goes ahead with giving Brody the drug, and the worst thing he sees is Tom Walker singing the Marine Corp song. That’s not a normal thing to experience, but not on the level of “extreme”. Brody’s response though to the drug is out there.  He stabs his arm repeatedly with a broken chair before Saul restrains him. Now Carrie and Brody share another thing in common with arm wounds.

Speaking of Carrie, Saul visits her recovering from her bullet wound in the hospital. Before he arrives the Doctor tells Carrie that she is lucky the bullet avoided bone, but she knows it was due to Quinn being a great shot. The Doctor also brings up her pregnancy, and Carrie reacts like she was asked what time it is. She’s still refusing to face the situation of her pregnancy. Saul arrives with news that Brody is in custody, and he needs her to convince Brody to work with them.

The plan Saul has in mind involved Brody defecting to Iran, and then getting a meeting with the chief of Iranian Intelligence. Brody will assassinate the man, and thus allowing Javadi, the CIA’s mole, to take control of the Iranian power apparatus. Carrie’s big appeal to Brody is taking him in a car to see his daughter Dana in her new post “my dad is the most famous terrorist ever” life. Turns out Dana is working at a motel cleaning lady. Brody reacts with anger that Carrie would bring him this close to his daughter without letting them see each other. He still refuses to help.

Even later when Saul has his super spy’s throw Brody into a body of water at night, he just sinks to the bottom. His will to live has been sapped. While Carrie and Saul work on Brody the man who bugged Saul’s house is revealed by Virgil and Max. Turns out the guy is not only a Israeli Agent, but he’s working on behalf of Senator Lockhart to monitor Saul. The guys even get photos of the two men meeting for a lunch date. Saul orders his guys to pick up the Israeli and detain him in a dark hole.

Carrie’s plan for once again turning Brody revolves around secretly bringing him to meet Dana again at the motel. Their reunion doesn’t go very well, and Dana begs her father to never see her again. He’s done enough destruction to her life already. Brody returns with Carrie knowing that the Iranian play is his only chance to redeem some of himself. This is his one shot to be the man he once was.

Saul buys more time for Brody by using the info he has on Senator Lockhart. Lockhart agrees to delay his confirmation hearings if Saul keeps quiet about his domestic spying. The time is necessary because Brody needs to train for his mission. In sixteen days Brody goes from a heroin addict to Captain America. He’s running around the base, shooting targets, and memorizing Playboy Centerfolds. He seems ready by TV standards for a mission of this magnitude.

The episode ended with Carrie and Saul sending off Brody to begin his mission. The last parts of season three will hinge on this plan, and even though they had an exfil plan for Brody, you get the feeling this is a one way trip for the guy. Carrie had a moment with him where she could have revealed her pregnancy, but she kept quiet. I was yelling at the TV, like a terrorist Rocky Horror Show, for her to come clean. Maybe she didn’t want to cloud Brody’s brain before the mission, or maybe she’s still not ready to admit it to herself.

Next week the mission is on to infiltrate Brody into Iran. That shouldn’t be hard because with Brody’s looks he will fit right into the Iranian countryside. Oh wait…

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