'Mom' Season 1, Episode 10: Preview, TV Info, & More


Tonight’s all new episode of “Mom” deals with the trouble Anna Faris’ Christy get in when Baxter, her ex husband, parks his van in her driveway. With Baxter back in the picture Christy ends up falling into old habits, and spends the night inside of his sleeper van. That seems like a good plan until she’s forced to take the short, but embarrassing walk home. Here’s the brief CBS synopsis that contains the trademark “meanwhile” we’ve come to love from them.

Christy has trouble accepting how much easier life is with Bonnie in the house. Meanwhile, Baxter sets up camp in the driveway.

If a sitcom doesn’t want to handle the “meanwhiles” then it won’t last long on CBS. The promo clears up why Christy might be having trouble seeing all the good of Bonnie being back in the house. Her walk from Baxter’s van back to the house features Bonnie on play by play. The episode, titled “Belgian Waffles and Bathroom Privileges”, deals with how much hospitality an ex owes another. Will Baxter eventually push his luck with Christy by using her bathroom behind her back? Check out the promo for the all new episode of CBS’s freshman hit “Mom”.

Be apart of tonight’s all new episode of “Mom” by following the below info.

Date: Monday, November 25th
Episode Title: “Belgian Waffles and Bathroom Privileges”
Start Time: 9:30 p.m. ET
Watch: CBS
Online Stream: CBS.com

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