Breaking Down Tonight's 'Dancing with the Stars' Finale


By the end of the night a new “Dancing with the Stars” champion will be awarded the coveted mirror ball trophy. This season started out being all about Bill Nye, and his out of nowhere fan base that kept him alive for so long in the competition. Then the big topic became big time challengers, like Elizabeth Berkley, who ended up being eliminated solely due to fan voting. The fans voted for a worse on air product, but that’s the risk the producers take by incorporating their votes.

The final three celebrities feature two people with extensive professional dance training, and one celeb who knows the ins and outs of reality TV. The first finalist, Amber Riley from “Glee”, entered the show with obvious dance training. The kids on “Glee” are darn perky, but those dance moves aren’t improvised. She’s been paired with Derek Hough, America’s favorite Ken doll, and they’ve brought it each and every week. The second finalist is Corbin Bleu, no that isn’t an expensive cheese, from the “High School Musical” movies. Another finalist with way too much dance training to be considered an amateur. Bleu could probably teach dance classes by now. I root for Bleu because of his hair line. Feel bad about that. Speaking of hair lines, the third and last finalist is Jack Osbourne. Jack’s paired with Cheryl Burke, a fan favorite, and shown dramatic improvement each week of the show.

Let’s answer a few questions about tonight’s show.

Who are the special performers on tonight’s “Dancing with the Stars’ finale?

Lady Antebellum and Ylvis are scheduled to perform tonight.

Who deserves to win?

I’m admittedly biased against people with prior professional dance training, but even with that admission I still feel confident back Jack Osbourne for the win tonight. Jack looks like the typical husband of women who dominate the “Dancing with the Stars” audience. Jack’s slightly out of shape body mixed with his poor tattoo choices are something Americans can relate to.

Got a video of Amber Riley’s perfect dance from last night?

Check it out below.

Who will win tonight?

I might have tipped my hat with the above video, but I think Amber Riley will end up taking home the mirror ball. The couple of Amber and Derek covers so many demographics that they should be a shoe in to win.

Be apart of tonight’s finale by following the below info.

Date: Tuesday, November 26th
Episode Title: “Finale”
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Watch: ABC
Online Stream:

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