'Person of Interest' Season 3 Episode 8: Endgame

Person of Interest

This episode begins the first of a three part special for Person of Interest. After skulking around in the shadows for the first seven episodes, Officer Jocelyn Carter’s Endgame finally comes to light. For months she collected recordings, photographs and evidence against HR, so that now she can bring them to justice and satisfy her revenge for the death of her former lover, Detective Cal Beecham.

In the black of night, a traffic cam witnesses a truck jacking. A single assailant subdues the passenger and driver of the truck in John Reese style, first with gas rocket launcher, then quick strikes to knock them out and steal the truck. An ominous cellphone tap swears payback for robbing him. At the POI batcave, Harold let’s Reese know it’s going to be busy. The machine just gave them an unprecedented thirty-six numbers. The first six are all cops and four work for HR it’s a safe bet that all 36 are HR officers, Shaw is on her way to help, meanwhile, Reese reminds Harold that not only will it be busy, but also deadly. Reese contacts Fusco and meets him at the scene of the truck jacking. Turns out the drivers were transporting drugs for the Russian Mob who have a deal with HR for safe passage in and out of the city. For Peter Yogorov, the head of the Russians, it’s a clear breech of contract, he’s the likely suspect that has thirty-six HR officers in the crosshairs.

Flashback to two days before, Officer Carter breaks bread with the head of HR, Alonzo Quinn for a game of lies. Quinn needles Carter for any suspicions she might have about her partners recent death, particularly about HR involvement, but Carter feigns ignorance and let’s Quinn believe that she’s quit her interest in HR, it’s a fight that can’t be won. While Quinn assures her that the criminals for Cal and her partner’s death will be found, Carter clones his phone. She hears Quinn and Simmons discuss a potential deal with Yogorov and puts Carter in the perfect position for the meeting. Yogorov declines HR’s new deal, he’ll go it alone on this one. Carter gets home, Reese hiding in the shadows. He knows she’s ready to move on HR. Her son is somewhere safe and now she asks the man in the suit to let her go at this alone.

The machine takes us all the way back to Carter’s first day in blues, young and innocent, her supervising officer reminds us that the real world isn’t always black and white. Carter is less than attentive when she notices her son’s father waiting for her. They were both soldiers when they met, but are on very different paths. He wants to see his son again, but Carter refuses. Until he gets treatment for his PTSD, she won’t let him near their son.

Back to present day, Fusco is worried about Carter after her partner’s death, but she doesn’t let him in on her plans either. It appears she’s a lone wolf on this one, but she makes a call ordering someone to pay Yogorov a visit. Yogorov learns that his shipment is in the states, all without the help of HR when he takes hard bit of dinner to find a bullet in his food. Elias commandeered his kitchen, he has a word of advise on this ongoing feud between HR and his mob, don’t be a thorn in HR’s side or they’ll take him out just as they did to Elias. Turns out Elias did Carter the favor by haunting Yogorov, but he’s not the only one helping Carter. Shaw drops a large bag of assault rifles on the floor, she thanks Shaw for not telling the boys. Shaw doesn’t mind, but she wants in on the fun. Yet again, Carter refuses the help. This is her revenge. The truck jacking scene plays out again, but this time we know it’s Carter behind the gas mask. Reese and Harold watch the surveillance video to conclusion, when Reese’s watchful eye deduces that the attacker is a woman. It only takes a second for them to both guess it’s the handy work of Shaw, but when she shows up to the POI batcave, she reveals that she gave Carter a donation of weapons on Reese’s behalf. When he realizes it’s his grenade launcher she’s using, they all realize it’s Carter that made the machine spit out thirty-six HR names. Reese won’t let her go at this alone, otherwise, it’ll be her number that comes up next.

We realize Elias gave Yogorov a file on thirty-six HR members when he calls the City Chief of Staff and head of HR Alonzo Quinn. Yogorov got his number from the burner phone that Carter left at the scene to frame HR. Reese arrives at an empty Carter’s and gets a call from her. He can’t talk her out of her plan and reminds him to keep his distance. Carter is on a rooftop and this time pulls out a high powered rifle with sniper scope. She props it on the ledge and points it right at Quinn. He’s talking to Simmons. They haven’t figured out who hit the truck, but it smells like man in the suit. Quinn doesn’t care who it is, he only cares about the Yogorov alliance and whether they’ll retaliate. That’s when Carter strikes, but she doesn’t kill him, just a handful of carefully placed shots around his head. Quinn and Simmons assume Yogorov put out the hit on him and his men and vow to retaliate leading the machine to spit out more numbers for Yogorov’s men. Harold realizes this is an all out war between HR and the Russians, but Harold suggests that HR will win this easily as they have the law on their side. A quick montage shows exactly that. Yogorov is the last one left to be round up, but he’s lucky. Carter gets to him first. He goes with her, or he’s a dead man.

Flashback again to Carter’s past in blues. She rushes home where her son and his father sit ominously on the couch. She sends her son to his room so she can speak to his father alone, but this time it gets heated and Carter reaches for her gun. It dawns on him that he’s crossed the line and complies by leaving. Carter checks on her son, who wonders what is wrong with his Dad, he tells him not to worry because no matter what happens they have each other. We rejoin Carter in the interrogation room with Yogorov. She let’s him know that HR assumes he’s the one that took a shot at Quinn. She then lays out all the evidence she has on HR and Yogorov’s gang and makes him a deal, she wants Quinn more than him. He refuses to rat, so she reminds him about his brother that’s still in jail because HR left him there. She gives him what HR won’t, she’ll get his brother out of prison. That’s all it takes for Yogorov to sign a written statement that Quinn is the head of HR. He wonders what her next step is now. She intends to get a warrant and arrest him. This time it’s Yogorov that needs to remind her that HR spread the money around, is she sure she has a judge she can trust. She might not, but she does trust Fusco. Fusco doesn’t know why she didn’t let him in on her plan, but it’s not because she doesn’t trust him, it’s because he worked so hard to get out from under HR’s nose. He’s actually the best partner she’s ever had and that’s why she needs him to keep all the evidence safe. Fusco agrees but won’t let her arrest Quinn alone. She tells him to get his shotgun and vest, then gives him the slip. Shaw and Carter lay low as HR members and the Russians are about to face off, but Carter has it all under control. The feds rush in. Turns out they had a tip that the cops and Russians have a drug deal going down. When they find the drugs in the cops’ cars, it looks like there won’t be any loose ends. Carter wakes a judge to get a warrant to arrest Quinn, he’ll have the warrant ready once she gets there. He hangs up only to call Quinn and let him know of the imminent danger.

Back from commercial, flashback to another moment between Carter and her son’s Father. He finally got the help he always needed. He straightened out his life. Present day we realize that the safe place her son is at is with his Father. She thanks him for all his help, but he reminds her that this is how it always should be, he’s the father. He puts their son Taylor on the phone, so she can tell him she loves him maybe for the last time. Now that that’s done, she’s ready to finish her revenge plot. She shows up at the judge’s home for the warrant only to step into an ambush. She has no choice, but to surrender to Quinn and Simmons. She confesses that she was wrong to do it alone. She tried to do it the right way with evidence and a warrant, but then she got smart, asked for help. Turns out Harold tapped Quinn’s phone and recorded his confession of Beecher’s murder. Reese shoots his way in as Carter grabs Quinn. The two of them escape with Quinn as their prisoner, but not before a cop car camera gets an image of Reese. Simmons takes a still of Reese and sends it to all their HR friends, promising that Reese won’t make it past tonight.

With Carter’s plan up in smoke, we’ll have to wait for the next episode, when Reese’s number comes up.

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