'The Walking Dead' Recap: Dead Weight

walking-dead This week’s episode begins with ‘Brian’, the governor, playing a game of chess with Meagan, Lilly’s daughter. They talk about Brian’s dad, and how he never let Brian win at chess either since that wouldn’t really be winning. When Meagan asks if she and her family will be alright because they’re ‘good’, Brian doesn’t answer. In his head, he knows the answer is no, but doesn’t have the heart to tell her. In this moment, the governor knows he’s going to have to make some hard choices to keep his new family safe. Meagan tells Brian, “It’s your turn,” referring to their chess game. Brian replies, “I’m thinking,” not referring to the chess game at all. He’s planning his next move from a much broader perspective.


After pulling Meagan and Brian out of the hole they found themselves in at the end of last week’s episode, Martinez explains to the governor that he is running things, and that Brian’s family will have to either contribute or be cast out. Brian agrees, and they all head back to Martinez’ camp.


The next morning, Brian explains to Lilly that he’s going on a supply run with Martinez, his right hand man, Pete, and Pete’s younger brother, Mitch. She tells him she wants to set up a nurse’s station to help out the camp. Brian apologizes and says he wanted to find somewhere better for them to stay. Lilly tells him the camp is fine, and now that they’re here, they’ll make it even better.


Brian, Martinez and the rest of their supply run group head to a nearby cabin to look for supplies. On the way, they discover a corpse minus a head with a sign nailed to its chest which reads, ‘LIAR’.


Back at camp, Lilly bandages one of the other survivor’s hands. Her name is Alicia, and some serious flirtation begins to develop affections between her and Tara.


Out on the supply run, a second headless body is found with a sign reading, ‘RAPIST’, and then a third on a body with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head which reads, ‘MURDERER’. Inside the cabin, they are attacked by two walkers along with the two severed walker heads from the headless bodies they found earlier. The governor makes quick work of the walkers.


Later, in the cabin, Brian and Martinez talk about how the governor has changed since he found his new family. Mitch brings in some beer he found and the four men crack them open and start drinking. Mitch and Pete explain that they were in the army and that Mitch can drive a tank which he took with him when the apocalypse happened. They ask Brian about his past, and he is very candid, not wanting to reveal too much about the type of man he is.


The next day, back at camp, Martinez has a barbecue with Brian and his new family. They talk about Woodbury and how nice of a town it was. Tara heads off with Alicia, and Meagan asks Brian to fix the leak in the roof of their camper. While Brian tapes up the leak, Martinez knocks on the door with a surprise. He has a driving range set up on top of his own camper, and the two men decide to unwind while hitting some golf balls.


At one point, Martinez makes the governor an offer. He asks him if he’d like to ‘share the crown’ since Brian was such a great leader back in Woodbury, and Martinez isn’t confident he’ll be able to protect the camp running things alone. The governor sees this as a sign of weakness, and he will not allow for ANY weakness in the camp which is supposed to keep his new family safe. He hits Martinez over the head with a golf club before dragging him to the very pit Martinez pulled him out of and tosses him to the walkers. The whole time, saying, “I don’t want it.”


That night, Lilly finds Brian in their camper clearly shaken up. He tells her it was just a bad dream which he can’t remember.


The next morning Mitch calls everyone together explaining that they found Martinez’ body in the walker pit. Pete decides that he’s taking control of the camp. He asks Brian to come with him and Mitch on a hunt. While they’re out, Pete makes the same offer to the governor Martinez did. He wants him to help run things.


They then come across a camp of survivors with all the supplies and food they need. Pete wants to invite them back to their camp meaning more mouths to feed. Once again, the governor sees this as a sign of weakness. Mitch on the other hand wants to rob them. Pete makes the decision as the new leader that they’ll hunt and try to find their own supplies.


They’re able to kill a few squirrels, which is clearly not enough for the whole camp. Brian heads back to the other survivors’ camp. Mitch and Pete follow, and when they arrive, everyone at the camp Mitch wanted to rob is dead. They find a man bleeding, and instead of helping him, Mitch stabs him in the head. Brian sees this as a sign of strength.


Back at camp, Brian decides it’s time to leave. He knows that he’s beginning to revert back to the old governor, and doesn’t want that to destroy his family again. Brian, Lilly, Meagan, Tara, and Alicia hit the road. Suddenly, Brian stops the car. There is a group of walkers stuck in a patch of mud blocking the way. Brian realizes that the road isn’t a safe place for Meagan. He has to find a fortified place to keep his new family safe. They turn around and head back to camp.


In the morning, Brian goes to Pete’s camper. Pete invites him in, and while his back is turned, Brian stabs him, and then chokes him until he dies. His next stop is Mitch’s camper. He knocks on the door, this time gun in hand. He explains that he had to kill Pete because he was a good person, but sometimes being a good heroic leader in this world, gets the people you care about killed. He explains to Mitch that he had better fall in line before he meets the same fate as his brother. Mitch finally agrees. Brian disposes of Pete’s body in a nearby lake.


Now in control of the camp, the governor puts Alicia in charge of securing the camp’s border, Mitch in charge of walker disposal, and Tara in charge of the armory.


That night, the governor circles a spot on a map telling Lilly, “Maybe we can find a better place,” but Lilly thinks they’re perfectly safe at the camp.


The next day while playing hide and seek, Meagan gets attacked by a walker, and after Brian shoots and kills it, he decides the camp isn’t safe enough.


After a creepy visit to zombified Pete at the bottom of the lake from before, the governor is reminded of the hard choices he must make as leader to keep his people safe.


He drives to the outskirts of the prison where he sees Rick and Carl working the fields. He also sees Herschel talking to Michonne by a truck. The governor pulls out his gun, points it at the prison, and the credits roll.


Tune in to AMC next Sunday at 9PM to see exactly what the governor has planned for the survivors at the prison.

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