'Person of Interest' Season 3 Episode 9: The Crossing Recap

Person of Interest

We last left “PersonIn part 2 of three we left Reese and Carter fleeing the corrupt Judge’s home with Quinn as their prisoner. Their plan is to take him to the federal building and hand him over to the FBI. The Judge is of course scared shitless, facing the real possibility of corruption charges if Carter succeeds. Simmons calms him down, then kills him point blank. He can’t take the chance that the Judge squeals. HR plans to track down Carter and Quinn, as for the Man in the Suit, they have his picture now and spam the inboxes of all their associates with it. It’s not long after that the machine calls Harold, Reese’s number is up.

Reese and Carter hop on the subway to keep a low profile. Quinn has no delusions about his situation, but reminds them that this is still his City and there are only two of them, it’s only a matter of time before they’re out matched, but Reese knows something Quinn doesn’t know, there are actually more than just two of them. First, Fusco tucks in his kid and we’re reminded that Carter gave Fusco the key to the safety deposit box with the evidence to put HR away. His kid needles him about it, maybe he’s not the best one to protect it. Surprisingly for Fusco, he is the best person to have the key. He’s been on the up and up now for quite sometime and he feels good about being on the good side. He turns off the light for his kid and in the living room, Shaw makes two and she’s ready to bring the cavalry to Reese.

On the Subway, Reese gets the official word that the machine gave them his number because HR put a bounty on his head. It only takes another moment before a gang of thugs finds Reese to collect. Of course it’ll take more than a couple thugs to take down Reese and Carter. They get off the subway to make their transfer, but HR has other plans. Subway service is canceled for the night. They need another route to the federal building, but Reese can’t get a hold of Harold. That’s because Quinn picked his pocket, grabbed Reese’s phone and destroyed it. Quinn slowed them down and it might be enough to get them caught.

Harold gets on the line to Shaw and Fusco, tells them that they lost contact, but Reese and Carter are headed to the federal building and there’s only two ways into Manhattan. Shaw and Fusco will split up to cover the two exits. Reese and Carter commandeer an ambulance to sneak their way past HR’s check point. Looks like the plan will work, when Simmons notices a blood smear on the truck. Reese has to ram his way through, luckily Fusco has their back and helps them escape, but it’s at a great cost to him. Simmons takes him captive.

Harold has a predicament. Save Fusco, or help Reese and Carter. With Fusco out there with no help, Harold sends Shaw to find him. Simmons and two other HR goons have Lionel tied up to a chair in a non-descript warehouse. They have the key now and know it must be for a safety deposit box and the evidence that can bring them all down. Fusco holds out for now. They won’t get a peep from him.

Reese and Carter make it a few blocks away from the federal building, but HR blocks their entrance. It’s too vulnerable for them to stay on the streets, they break into the city morgue to re-group, when they get word from Harold that HR has Fusco, but they don’t need to worry, Shaw is looking for him. Shaw finds a uniformed cop, clearly an HR member and sticks a grenade in his hand and pulls out the pin. He refuses to comply. Simmons is worse than her, she might kill him, but Simmons will kill his entire family, that’s when Shaw realizes where she needs to go.

At the coroner’s, Carter and Reese’s prospects are slim. They don’t have enough ammo to shoot their way through, Quinn takes pleasure in the corner they’re in. Reese doesn’t care how right he is, he sedates him, tired of his talk.

Fusco takes his beating from Simmons, but still won’t talk, so Simmons threatens to harm Fusco’s boy. That gets him to talk and gives him the name of the bank. Simmons sends one goon to Fusco’s house for the boy, while he goes to the bank, leaving one more to stand guard.

Carter and Reese show each other their battle wounds and it leads to sharing anecdotes of their closest calls to death. For Carter, her scar is from the thirteen stitches from her c-section giving birth to her son. The worst moment of her life, followed by the best. Reese pulls out a bullet, the closest he came to death is when he almost committed suicide, if not for Carter showing up and saving his life. Carter means everything to him. Harold interrupts to let them know that trouble is on it’s way.

HR is closing in on Reese and Carter leaving Harold no choice, but to leave Root alone in her cellar. He let’s her know that there ‘s a chance that he won’t be back. Root gives him another chance and offers her help, the machine talks directly to her, but Harold isn’t ready to trust her. He’s Reese and Carter’s best chance.

Simmons checks in with Fusco. He lied about the bank, so he gives the order to kill Lionel and his son.

Back at the morgue, Carter prepare themselves, but Reese has his own plan. Use himself as bait to give Carter enough time to get Quinn to the Federal Building. Carter pleads for him not to do it, but Reese made up his mind. Carter is more important than him, just make sure Quinn gets what is coming to him.

HR gives Fusco a chance to say good-bye to his son. As Fusco listens in and prepares his son, he hears the gun shot, but then Shaw’s voice. His son is going to be fine, but it means Shaw can’t be there for him, Fusco is on his own. He gives a last ditch effort to save his own life. Tells his guard the truth, that his son is alive and fine, but the guard doesn’t care, Fusco is still dead. Lionel reminds him that they broke his hand and with a broken hand, it’s a lot easier to slip out of his cuffs. Fusco gets the upper hand and strangles his guard to death.

Harold arrives at the morgue to help. Reese sticks to the plan and leads HR away from the morgue. Harold gets the power back up, so she and Quinn have a clear path to the federal building. Reese is running out of time and has no ammo left, HR is about to have him, when two other cops get to him first. Turns out Harold found two clean cops to arrest Reese on possession of a weapon. He’s safe, but going to jail.

Carter takes Quinn in, but he still doesn’t believe his City will convict him. Carter reminds him that it’s not his city anymore.

A few days later, Harold visits Carter. She’s a detective again and the two of them won’t have any trouble getting Reese released. Fusco is also fine, but a little banged up.

In a nostalgic moment, Carter enters the interrogation room where Reese is held and re-enact their first meeting, asking for his name, he responds as he did the day they met, “the only time you need a name now, is when you’re in trouble, so am I in trouble?” They share a knowing grin, he’s anything but. The two leave the precinct together glad it’s all over, but Carter reminds him that they can’t find Simmons. Harold shows up to pick him up, but before he reaches them, the corner pay phone rings and it can only be one thing, another number. Then we hear his voice, Simmons in the shadows. He opens fire hitting Reese, Carter pulls her weapon and they fire on each other, but she’s takes the brunt of it. Simmons escapes. Reese gets to Carter, but it doesn’t look good. As the phone continues to ring in the background, Harold stands in shock. She asks John to look after her son, then with her last breath gives him a final word of advice “don’t let this…” The phone rings and rings as we say good-bye to Detective Joss Carter.

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