'Homeland' Season 3, Episode 10: Preview, TV Info, & More


Last week on “Homeland” the much awaited reunion of Carrie and Brody finally happened, but their brief moments together left even more questions unanswered for viewers than before. We know that Brody has agreed to be apart of Saul’s plan for him to defect to Iran with a mission to assassinate the head of Iranian Intelligence. When Brody kills that man it will allow Saul’s mole, Javadi, to rise in power and influence. Brody asked Carrie to promise to get him home safely, but even she seems to know this is a one way trip for him.

Another question hanging around Carrie’s neck is her pregnancy. She had the opportunity to tell Brody about the baby when they were together, but she avoided revealing her secret. Was that due to love or because she didn’t want to cloud Brody’s mind before he headed off on his mission? Is Carrie once again putting the CIA ahead of her personal health and life? Seems so, and when Carrie does that she is usually not far away from a dramatic fall.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode, titled “Good Night”, mentions Brody’s mission, and Quinn finding out a major secret.

Brody embarks on a mission with high stakes; Quinn makes a discovery about Carrie; Fara must rejoin the team.

Quinn finding out about Carrie’s pregnancy seems the most likely discovery for him. That should cloud his view of Carrie’s involvement on the mission. The promo for the episode sheds more light on the issues Brody will face in getting across the Iranian border, the first major hurdle to defect into Iran.

Why am I not surprised to see Dar Adal once again playing both sides of the CIA. He’s ready to shoot a hellfire missile up Brody’s rear end if the mission is compromised in anyway. After Carrie was shot by Quinn for daring to jeopardize the Javadi play, we can expect Brody to be considered expendable if killing him will keep Iran from knowing about the CIA’s involvement.

While I’m not a relationship expert, I’d imagine that Carrie won’t react well when she realizes the situation. Saul is shown defying the orders to fire on his own men, but with Dar and the President’s Chief of Staff against him, he might not have much of a choice.

Find out just what happens to Brody, and if Quinn will want to throw a baby shower for Carrie tonight on an all new “Homeland”.

Date: Sunday, December 1st
Episode Title: “Good Night”
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Showtime
Online Stream: Sho.com

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