'The Blacklist Season 1, Episode 10: 'Arlo Garrick Part 2' Preview, TV Info, & More


Last week’s episode of NBC’s “The Blacklist” erased from memory all of the show’s prior sins. In one forty two minute show I was able to forget the ridiculous freedom Red was still afforded by the FBI or the slow obviously reveal of Lizzy and Red being related. The episode, titled “Arlo Garrick Part 1″, was the bloodiest and the best hour of network TV this Fall. The show ended last week with Red locked inside his protective cell with a wounded Agent Ressler. Outside the cage, his old enemy Arlo Garrick waits for him. Garrick began shooting Red’s friends one at a time to draw him out, but the FBI refused to give the codes to open the cell. Tonight we find out how this Garrick story plays out.

Here’s the quick NBC preview for tonight’s episode.

Liz and a mysterious stranger fight to save Red and Ressler. Alan Alda guest stars.

Who could this mysterious stranger be? Could it be special guest star and TV legend Alan Alda? A scene with Alda and Spader might not have enough scenery for them both to chew on. The promo for the episode spells out a bit more of the action in store for Red and Lizzy.

It seems that the tables have turned between Red and Agent Ressler. Last week Red went out of his way, even employing a crude blood transfusion device, to save Ressler’s life. This week it seems Lizzy is the next person Garrick will kill if Red doesn’t open the cell. Red obviously won’t let that happen, and he seems to have decided to torture Ressler for the cell’s code. When you are locked inside a cell with James Spader’s Red things can change that fast.

One other thing we hear in the promo is that Red’s now the only one on the blacklist being hunted by the FBI. My prediction is that Red gets the code from Ressler just in time to stop Garrick from shooting Lizzy. Red then works with Garrick to break out of the FBI installation if Lizzy’s life is spared. That could easily vault Red to the top of the FBI’s most wanted list.

Tonight’s “The Blacklist” is the last all new episode of the show we will get in 2013, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Date: Monday, December 2nd
Episode Title: “Arlo Garrick Part 2″
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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