'Real World: Ex-Plosion' Trailer Changes the Rules

The trailer for the new season of the” Real World” was released by MTV, and from the looks of it the show is no longer just about “seven strangers learning to live together”. This season the show is back in San Francisco, but don’t expect them to repeat the ground breaking social television of season three. Pedro, Puck, and Rachel aren’t walking through that door. Frankly, reality TV has gone so far past the concept of the original “Real World” that watching early seasons of the show now plays more like a PBS doc than anything MTV would put on today.

Watch a show like “Big Tips Texas” on MTV, and you get an idea of the sizzle they are looking for. The Real World/Road Rules Challenges work so well because of the perfect mix of sex, drinking, and debauchery that makes great television. The last season of “Real World” tried to generate entertainment from having the cast work at a bar. The best thing they could shoot from that was cast members missing shifts. That’s not the escapism people are looking from reality television.

We’ve established that the trailer for this year’s “Real World” is a departure from the original formula, but just how far? Well this season’s cast will still be seven strangers living together, but they’ll also be living with seven of their exes. Why waste all that time hoping cast members will have sexual chemistry when we can just start the season with people ready to hop into bed. Check out the trailer below, and see for yourself if this still deserves to be call the “Real World”. My preference would be for the show to change its name to “The Challenge: Developmental Leagues”.


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