When Will 'The Blacklist' Return to NBC?


How is everyone holding up? Last night’s “The Blacklist” had enough scary imagery for a year’s worth of bad dreams. My personal favorite moment being when Red’s tracking trip was ripped out of his neck. It looked like the nurse was stuffing a chicken. We’ll expand more on that and Red’s future in the upcoming Hidden Remote recap of the show, but until there there is great news for those of use dying for more of Red and Lizzy.

According to Deadline.com NBC isn’t going to make us wait too long for the show’s return.

…three originals of the James Spader-starring drama will air on January 13, 20 and 27 behind a two-hour American Ninja Warrior special and fresh episodes of Hollywood Game Night.

By not making the audience wait too long for the show’s return NBC is betting on the rabid response these last two episodes of the show received. There were comparissons between “Silence of the Lambs” and “The Blacklist” in terms of the evil genius working with his younger beautiful protege when the show started. In a way the ending of the show, with Red now free from the FBI and atop their most wanted list, played exactly like Doctor Lector’s freedom in “Lambs”.

NBC is frightened of scaring away viewers from a hit hour long show. They have been struggling for a winning hour long drama since “E.R.” went off the air. The show is so popular that we can expect James Spader to pop up all over the Winter Olympics on NBC. What if Red has to use a Luge as a getaway vehicle? Red could spend his time thinking over the case while Curiling? Get to work NBC Marketing.


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