'Person of Interest' Season 3 Episode 10: The Devil's Share

Person of Interest

Reese hangs onto life, Harold watches over him bedside and we take one last montage good bye for Carter. Her son and his father mourn her death as well as Fusco and her entire precinct. Harold pays his respects, but only in the background. The newspaper headlines show that Simmons is on the run as police and FBI join in a manhunt for him. Harold takes them in when a pay phone rings. Simmons number is up. Shaw has no love lost for Simmons either, she’s on the hunt for him as well, looking for criminals working out of back alley bars beating every small bit of information from them. Then we find Simmons, he gets handed a fake canadian passport, his escape route. The counterfeiters aren’t so lucky as they count their money driving down the street a large garbage truck runs them off the road. It’s Reese, alive with a more literal idea in joining the man hunt. Simmons number is up alright, but who’s going to pull the trigger.

The computer takes us back to 2010, before Reese. Harold breaks the ice in his first visit to a therapist. He wants to know why he grieves after the death of his best friend. He wants to know the evolutionary significance of the feeling, particularly when it’s a feeling that goes away. He intends to make a large change in his life as a tribute to his friend’s death. We now know the tribute is to help the irrelevant numbers. The therapist thinks its rash and he just has survivors guilt. He needs to realize that his friend’s death is not his fault, but that’s a problem for Harold because it is his fault.

Present day, he brings Root her breakfast. He wears his troubles on his face. Root offers her help again, pleading with him that there are larger problems on the horizon. Before Harold can really consider, Fusco calls him to the scene of Reese’s car crash. It surprises Fusco to learn that both Reese and Shaw are off the reservation. They need to find them and stop them, otherwise Simmons will just go further underground. Fusco runs down the details of the men in the car, counterfeiters that work for a forger named Yorke.

We find Yorke with Shaw hanging by his arms. Harold and Fusco barge in on her interrogation. Shaw says she found him in the parking lot, Reese dropped him from the roof and broke Yorke’s legs, but she couldn’t catch him. Harold reminds Shaw that Reese’s condition is life threatening. They need to find him, Shaw will play it their way, to find Reese they need to find Simmons. Yorke tells them that Quinn is the only one who knows Simmons exit plan. Harold knows that Quinn hired a lawyer and he must know where the feds are holding Quinn.

When they show up at the Lawyer’s office, the lawyer’s dead. Shaw realizes it wasn’t Reese that killed him. They check the security cameras. Reese was there, but comes and goes. The Russians show up soon after and take care of the lawyer. Without him they can’t find Quinn let alone Reese. Shaw reminds them that there is one last option, Root.

This time, instead of Harold’s therapy session, we join an evaluation of Shaw’s. She’s a doctor and her superior wants to know if she cares about her patients. No matter how much she tries to say the right thing, it’s clear, she has no real emotion for those she treats. Present day and Shaw clearly shows more emotions for John then ever before, a fact that Harold can’t ignore, they let Root out and she immediately gets on the phone with the machine. They travel to an undisclosed warehouse. Fusco, Harold and Shaw are all in the hands of Root. With the machines directions, they don’t skip a beat. Shaw shoots a federal marshall on patrol in the leg, they get to an upper floor and find Quinn in the building directly across from them. Shaw lays out the huge task ahead of them. Lots of feds, air support only ten minutes out and the Russians on their way. Fusco isn’t sure Reese is there, but he makes his grand entrance when a car on the street blows up.

This flashback is Reese’s. He’s in an interview and the interviewer is riding him hard, giving him the most unimaginable scenarios that he might encounter, murder in front of a child. Reese passes the interview with flying colors. The interviewer apologizes for being so hard. Reese tells him not to worry, he’s just doing his job, he’s done this before. The interviewer realizes that’s impossible, no one would ever take this interview twice. Turns out Reese is there on a mission, to find the man responsible for leaking intel to the chinese and that man is the interviewer. Present day, the feds are outside checking on the fiery car. Inside the building, Quinn warns them to call for backup, but it’s too late. Reese is inside and locked the door. The feds are locked outside. It’s a small team that’s left to protect Quinn. They’re no match for Reese, all it takes is a well placed stack of flares and some explosives to blind the night goggle wearing feds and put them out of commission. It’s only him and Quinn now. Quinn gives a nice speech about loyalty. He will never give Simmons up. Reese likes that, it’s what makes them similar, the two of them do what they say. Reese tells him he’s dead in three minutes no matter if he talks or not. The rest of the team find their way past the feds outside and make it inside. The Russians finally arrive, but with the machine’s help, they’re no trouble. Shaw, Harold and Fusco find Reese and Quinn just as the three minutes are up. Quinn gives up Simmons exit plan, but his time is up. Harold reminds Reese what Carter gave up to bring Quinn down on her terms, legal terms. Reese knows he’s right, but he doesn’t care, he pulls the trigger, but the gun doesn’t fire, too much of Reese’s blood has jammed the gun. They get Reese to a hospital while Fusco stays behind to clean up the mess. Shaw wants to go after Simmons, but Reese is more important, plus Root says Reese isn’t the only one trying to kill Simmons. We return to Fusco as he picks up the post it with Simmons location.

It’s Lionel’s turn in the chair. He talks to a police required therapist about his first killing. The shrink suggests he talk it through. He does, but Fusco is clearly hiding something. The Doctor reassures him, they have confidentiality. Fusco unburdens himself. Tells him it wasn’t a good shooting. He set up Jules. A few months ago, Jules killed a rookie cop, but got off. Fusco tracked him down and killed him. Jules got the Devil’s Share, he got what he deserved. Simmons thinks he’s home free, steps away from his plane to freedom. He runs out of the hanger, but Fusco is waiting for him. Fusco doesn’t intend to shoot him. He has other thoughts in mind. He puts up his fists and the two go at it in old fashion hand to hand combat. Fusco gets his payback and breaks Simmon’s arm. He’s done. He figured it would be Fusco that kills him, but he’s wrong. Fusco is a different man, he’s a good man all because of his partner, Carter. He’s not going to throw all that away for Simmon’s, he’s taking him into custody.

At the POI batcave is a full medical setup for Reese. He’s going to pull through. One person not there is Root, but she hasn’t gone anywhere. She’s in her cell waiting. There is a bigger fight ahead for the two of them and she thinks they should be together when it comes.

Simmons is in the hospital to tend to his wounds. In the shadows is our old friend Elias. He has his own stories of Carter and there is a debt to be paid for her death. He intends to make sure that the Devil gets his share and sends his scarfaced assassin to end Simmons life.

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