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'Homeland' Season 3, Episode 11: Preview, TV Info, & More


With only two episodes of “Homeland” Season 3 left, business is guaranteed to be hectic for Carrie, Brody, Saul, and the CIA. Last week Saul’s plan of a defecting Brody killing the Iranian Intelligence Chief finally kicked into motion, and after an episode full of shoot outs and near misses Brody  made his way across the border. The last we saw of him was a meeting with Javadi, where he was asked if was “ready to go to Tehran”.

This week’s episode finds Carrie on the ground in Iran (isn’t there a more dependable choice for Saul?) monitoring Brody. The Showtime synopsis doesn’t give much away about tonight’s action.

Carrie becomes embroiled in Brody’s mission as Saul stares into the precipice between success and failure.

Shocked! Just absolutely shocked that Carrie once again is having trouble keeping healthy boundaries with Brody. The preview for tonight’s episode shows more of the issues Carrie and Saul will have to face. It was their idea for Brody to denounce the US and ask for asylum, but from the looks of the preview it seems Brody is ingratiating himself too well into Iranian society.

Brody might be working on behalf of the US, but if Iran trots him out for propaganda gains for too long then Saul could be forced to pull the plug. Nothing the CIA hates more than a plan of their own blowing up in the government’s faces. Will Carrie be able to cut the cord to Brody and the mission if Saul gives the order? She’s obviously not going to give up that early. Only two more episodes left in season three of “Homeland”, and two major questions remain.

1. Will Carrie tell Brody about her pregnancy?

2. Will Brody survive his mission into Iran

Find out all the answers to those questions and more by following the below info for tonight’s all new episode.

Date: Sunday, December 8th
Episode Title: “Big Man in Tehran”
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Showtime
Online Stream:

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