'Mike & Molly' Season 4, Episode 6: Preview, TV Info, & More

Tonight on an all new “Mike & Molly”, the topic of spending and shopping is put center stage. Things have been a bit strained in the lives of “Mike & Molly” since Molly made the decision to leave her job as a teacher in order to pursue a career as a writer. She’s done tons of research and met some great role models, but that work isn’t making up for the loss of her teaching income. All of this comes to a head tonight when Molly’s shopping addiction is figured out by Mike. Let’s check out the CBS synopsis for tonight’s episode.

Molly needs to adjust her spending habits on shoes if she wants to maintain harmony in her marriage.

This season the show has been using Melissa McCarthy’s Molly in a similar way to how she’s shown in her successful movies. It was a deliberate move by the show’s new show runner, and it seems to be paying off in content. McCarthy is always at her funniest when she’s walking on the edge of normalcy. In the promo for tonight’s episode we get a great example of those new laughs. Just see how she yells at a Student Driver, and you get an idea that this is a new take on “Mike & Molly”. Check out the promo below.

Be apart of tonight’s all new “Mike & Molly” by following the below info.

Date: Monday, December 9th
Episode Title: “Shoeless Molly Flynn”
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Watch: CBS
Online Stream: CBS.com

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