'Top Chef' New Orleans Episode 10: Preview, TV Info, & More

So far this hasn’t been a very memorable season of “Top Chef”. The Bravo cooking show usually is a great place for compelling personalities worth rooting for and interesting challenges that hold our attention. Both of those qualities are missing from this season. The fact that the show’s being shot in New Orleans makes this even more of a surprise. We are ten episodes into the season, and there isn’t one cheftestant I’m rooting for.

Even last week’s “Restaurant Wars” was decided on the poor front of the house work by Sara. The chefs all seem to be producing the same food at the same level. That’s not a recipe for great TV. Let’s hope tonight’s new episode, titled “Like Mama Made”, can inject some life into this season. Here’s the synopsis of tonight’s episode from Bravo.

In this week’s Quickfire challenge – can you smell the coffee? For the Elimination challenge, the chefs must make dishes that remind them of home. Actor Anthony Mackie joins the judges and Leah Chase for the heartfelt meal.

“Top Chef Master” Hubert Keller also makes an appearance on tonight’s episode as a guest judge. Check out this preview from tonight’s episode that features Nick under pressure to get his food plated for the judges.

Nick isn’t the only cheftestant having troubles in the Elimination Challenge. Travis decides to make biscuits tonight, but his recipe doesn’t go as planned. That isn’t a good idea with soul food legend Chef Leah Chase appearing tonight as a guest judge. If there is anyone on the planet you don’t want to serve a bad biscuit to, it might be Chef Chase. If Travis doesn’t solve the problem then he might want to get a head start on packing those knives.

The cheftestants tackle a home style challenge tonight on an all new episode of “Top Chef”.

Date: Wednesday, December 11th
Episode Title: “Like Mama Made
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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