'Whale Wars' Season 6 A Commader Rises: Preview, TV Info, & More


Animal Planet brings back its popular reality series “Whale Wars” tonight for an abridged sixth season. Tonight’s two hour special, titled “Whale Wars: A Commander Rises”, is the only new Sea Shepherd content we will get from season six. One reason the show’s season is shorter than normal is the situation surrounding Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd organization. He’s currently on the run from the Japanese government, and living on a secretive boat in International waters. That makes it hard for Watson to be apart of reality television.

With Watson sidelined Peter Hammarstedt takes over as Captain of the Steve Irwin vessel. Hammarstedt has been apart of “Whale Wars” since the beginning of the show, and looks exactly like J.D. Harmeyer from the Howard Stern Show. If you think Hammarstedt being at the helm of the Irwin will make the Sea Shepherds a bit more relaxed, then think again. From the looks of the promo Hammarstedt goes even further than Captain Watson. Maybe he felt the need to prove his worth at filling the legendary shoes of Watson. Check it out below.

For those thinking about joining the cause of Whales and becoming reality stars, remember to be on that boat you must be ready to give your life for a whale. So if you’ve ever swatted a fly with a rolled up newspaper then the Sea Shepherd might not be for you. Watch the fight to end whaling in the Arctic Ocean continue tonight on Animal Planet.

Date: Friday, December 13th
Episode Title: “A Commander Rises”
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Animal Planet
Online Stream: Animal.Discovery.com

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