'Homeland' Season 3 Finale, Episode 12: Preview, TV Info, & More


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“Homeland” fans have waited all season for Brody’s opportunity to redeem himself. The hope for a triumphant Brody return seemed far fetched when he was stuck in a Caracas slum addicted to heroin. That incarnation of Brody wasn’t going to waltz back into Carrie’s arms like a “You’ve Got Mail” sequel. All of that changed however with Saul’s plan to infiltrate the Iranian intelligence operation.

Saul managed to flip the number two man in Iran, Javadi, as a CIA asset. The only problem is that this man, Javadi, is only the number 2 in Iranian Intelligence, and we all know who #2 works for (Austin Powers references always are topical, right?). So Saul’s plan is to use Brody to fake defect to Iran with the goal of him meeting Akbari, the Iranian chief, and killing him.

Last week the plan finally came to fruition. It took Brody going on Iranian TV to blast the United States, but he managed to finally get a one on one meeting with Akbari. This was important because Saul had given Dar the go ahead to eliminate Brody because he had become uncontrollable. His meeting with Akbari was Brody’s last chance at redememeption. Lucky for viewers and Brody, General Akbari kept a heavy crystal ashtray on his desk. Last week in the final minutes Brody smashed the ashtray against Akbari’s head before suffocating him silently with a pillow.

Brody’s back on our side, and now only Carrie can help get him out of Iran alive. Showtime isn’t showing many cards before tonight’s season three finale. The Showtime synopsis tells us pretty much what we already knew about the episode.

Saul plans a last ditch rescue operation as Brody struggles to find redemption.

Well yes, when you are launching a rescue operation for a man you just ordered killed it could be seen as last ditch. Brody’s arc tonight is definitely about redemption, but Carrie’s as well. She still hasn’t revealed her pregnancy to Brody. Both of them are fighting their personal demons, but this time thousands of miles from home.

The Showtime preview of tonight’s season three finale plays morel like a Brody eulogy than anything else.

Don’t miss being apart of the season 3 finale tonight on Showtime.

Date: Sunday, December 15th
Episode Title: “Big Man in Tehran”
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Showtime
Online Stream: Sho.com

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