'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 4, Episode 7: Preview, TV Info, & More

Last week on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” the ladies were invited by new cast member Joyce to come with her on a group trip to Palm Springs. As we know from every other season of the “Housewives” franchise that things always get crazy when the ladies go on trips together, and this one was no exception. The biggest fireworks came from Brandi. She spent most of the episode complaining about the heat and the lack of wait staff around the pool. Things started going downhill fast when party host Joyce refused an offer to join Brand and Carlton in the pool.

This set off a ridiculous fight about the role of a hostess at a party, and whether it was Joyce’s responsibility to get into the pool. Joyce fights off what she sees as “peer pressure” and declines getting into the pool. This leads Brandi to call her a “black person” for her avoidance of the water. This comment caused everyone around the pool to raise their eyebrows and question what Brandi meant by that. She insisted in her interviews that all of her black friends avoid the pool cause of their hair extensions. No racism here people, just friendly hair stereotypes.

If Brandi’s pool drama wasn’t enough she went out of her way to call Joyce by the wrong name. Brandi called her Jaclyn repeatedly, even after being corrected numerous times by Joyce. Calling someone by the wrong name is one of the ultimate bitchy mean girl moves. It didn’t help that Joyce pretended not to be bothered by Brandi’s name mistakes when she clearly was turning different shades of red every time she was called Jaclyn.

Tonight the trip to Palm Springs continues, which means so does the over the top drama. Just when everyone was starting to really hate Brandi, sympathy arrives for her tonight when the group finds out her home was broken into and her dog has gone missing. Nothing will make people forgive a bit of soft racism than a missing pet. Here’s the Bravo synopsis of tonight’s all new episode.

As the Palm Springs trip continues, Brandi wants Kyle and Yolanda to resolve their Paris issues, but Kyle leaves the table in tears, and unexpectedly it’s Yolanda who winds up comforting her. After a day of fun, the mood is shattered when Brandi learns her beloved dog, Chica, has gone missing.

Tonight’s episode is titled “Escape to Bitch Mountain” so even if Brandi is given a pass the rest of the women aren’t going to be so lucky. Check out the preview for tonight’s show that touches on all of the catty behavior they have in store.

Date: Monday, December 16th
Episode Title: “Escape from Bitch Mountain”
Start Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: Bravo.com

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