'Top Chef' New Orleans Season 11, Episode 11: Preview, TV Info, & More

“Top Chef” used to be about finding the best new Chef in America, but this season it has begun to feel like a competition among our favorite brands for the most obvious product placement. Last week’s “Dunkin’ Donuts” quickfire challenge was a borderline infomercial. With the show spending so much time reminding us about the virtues of Dunki’ coffee, there is less time to flesh out the characters on the show.

The formula for this season remains that the cheftestant we learn the most about in the first two segments is one going home at the end of the episode. They only have time to illuminate one person, and need to build some sort of emotional attachment between the viewer and the outgoing chef. In previous seasons the personalities of the chefs have been enough to draw viewers in, but this year’s cast is bland vanilla. There isn’t a Stefan, Carla, Fabio, or Spike in the group.

Here’s the Bravo synopsis for tonight’s episode.

In this week’s Quickfire, popular musician Questlove judges various types of poultry drumsticks. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs head to LSU’s campus to serve incoming students.

Questlove is a great choice for guest judge. He’ll at least add some energy to the Quickfire. Serving a bunch of students at LSU sounds simple, but those college kids can really eat. The preview for the episode, titled “Giving It The College Try”, promises a showdown between Carlos and Nick about use of ovens in the kitchen. Could this be the week we finally see some killer instinct? This is a contest after all.

Uh oh, Tom is not a happy camper tonight. “Top Chef” finally dipping its toe into some emotion this season. It’s a welcome sight because season 11 is in desperate need of some salt n’ pepper.

Date: Wednesday, December 18th
Episode Title: “Giving It The College Try”
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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