'The Daily Show' Says Goodbye to John Oliver


Last night Jon Stewart took time out of “The Daily Show” to discuss the recent phone hacking scandal in the UK. The segment started off with the routine laughs, and then Stewart brought in correspondent John Oliver to discuss the story. What Oliver didn’t know was that the story was just a ruse to get him on stage. The entire UK hacking segment was a fake. Instead the entire segment was devoted to saying goodbye to Oliver as he leaves for his own show on HBO. Oliver was moved to tears by Stewart’s surprise goodbye to him.

Oliver’s new show will follow “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO. When Stewart took a summer hiatus this year from the show to direct his first motion picture it was Oliver who stepped into the breach. He’s stint as host had a different flavor that the usual show, and he’s making a smart move by cashing out now for his own show. He has the opportunity to fill the Stephen Colbert role in HBO’s political lineup. With Steve Carrel, Stephen Colbert, and now John Oliver, “The Daily Show” is equal to “Saturday Night Live” in fostering comedic talent.


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