Robertson Clan Responds to ‘Duck Dynasty’ Scandal


The culture wars just wrapped up another successful year fighting over whether it was appropriate to say Happy Holidays, but now there is a bigger issue on the horizon. The entire nation is transfixed by the drama playing out right now over comments made by “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson. In an interview with GQ magazine to promote the show Phil was asked about some of the problems in our culture, and boy did he have an answer prepared. He’s the money quote that everyone is talking about.

Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.

Now A&E which owns “Duck Dynasty” had to know this sort of comment would start a firestorm. Fearful of something hurting the profits of their cash cow, A&E acted swiftly by suspending Phil from production of the show. Reality Blurred has a great write up of A&E’s response to the controversy. By sidelining Phil from the reality show A&E hoped to nip all of this in the bud. Instead of ending the problem though, the suspension of Phil has just thrown more gas onto the culture war fire.

Within hours of the announcement voices in conservative media began coming to Phil’s defense. “Duck Dynasty” is the biggest show on TV, and a religion in the red states. Here’s Sarah Palin’s tweet about the “Duck Dynasty” suspension.

The Robertson family has now released a statement about Phil’s comments, and they aren’t backing down. They’ve decided that if A&E suspends Phil then the rest of the family will stand with him and not film the show. Here’s the statement from the Robertson corporate website.

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support.  The family has spent much time in prayer since learning of A&E’s decision.  We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word.  While some of Phil’s unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse, his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Phil is a Godly man who follows what the Bible says are the greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Phil would never incite or encourage hate.We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith, which is his constitutionally protected right.We have had a successful working relationship with A&E but, as a family, we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm.  We are in discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of Duck Dynasty.   Again, thank you for your continued support of our family.

Man oh man, it’s not going to be a Happy Christmas for the TV executives at A&E. Their number one money maker is threatening to becoming toxic to sponsors. This all might have blown over and forgotten in the black hole of the Christmas/New Year’s Eve season, but now A&E is being challenged by their core audience. The question remains if Phil was professing his “faith” according to the Robertson release. That cloaks all of this in the blanket of religion, and that according to the family should excuse all of his statements.

The real issue is that the Robertson’s are no longer a private family with feelings about homosexuality. They are ambassadors for the A&E brand. Everyone is entitled to free speech, but there is nothing in the constitution about the right to star on your own reality show. The same capitalism that allows for the Robertson’s to be rich and famous also holds their feet to the fire when making comments outside the cultural norm. (Free speech gives people the right to say what they want, but TV stars equating gays and lesbians to bestiality shouldn’t be surprised at the pushback.) No one is saying that Phil Robertson doesn’t have the right to believe that garbage, but being famous on TV doesn’t give you a total get out of jail free card. While this might have been a minor blip on the cultural radar, the story is now threatening to eclipse the show itself unless A&E can get a hold of the Robertson family.

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  • FrankenPC .

    I always wondered if there was some sort of universal form of psychological warfare that could flush out the racist crazies. And here we are, a white trash reality show. It’s a shame Honey Boo Boo’s mom didn’t say something abjectly racist…we could have tagged them all. Oh, wait…she’s a woman. Woman aren’t even valid in the eyes of their blood god. Sigh.

    • cowgirl Tita

      “White Trash?”….soooo you are a racist? Sorry for you ….but as with others I’m sure you are just stating your “Opinion”…..

    • Alex

      I’ve done it before so I feel I ought to do it again. Honey Boo Boo’s mom (and that family) is not closed minded, they are not racist and they are not homophobic. The uncle is openly gay, and the family is supportive. I despise red neck bible licking sheep (when they don’t even understand the bible, they just recite what their red neck pastors tell them about God), but let’s be fair, not all simple people are ignorant.

      • chilly16

        Hold up, time out here..are you saying that Si is openly gay? Uf so then please tell me where your finding your information. ty

        • saaaasaaaa

          They were talking about the Honey Boo Boo family, not Duck Dynasty.

          • chilly16

            saaaasaaaa, Thanks for clearing that up for me…..I have no idea who the Honey Boo Boo family is…lol Also, A&E are dropping all charges against Phil….the show must go on!! Have a Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year~~~

  • Soldier 7

    “No one is saying that Phil Robertson doesn’t have the right to believe that garbage, but being famous on TV doesn’t give you a total get out of jail free card.”

    That line alone discredits any credibility you ever had. You are clearly a hateful person who doesn’t respect anyone and their differing beliefs. That fact that you and the rest of the Gay and Lesbian community of people cannot respect someone who disagrees with you is a testament to how hate filled you are towards anyone who is different from you. You preach tolerance and love but it only stretches as far to those who agree with you. If they don’t you are nothing but an intolerant bully. Hypocrites…

    • Malcom Barack King

      I agree with you completely.

    • Steve Harrod

      Soldier 7 says it best! A&E is (probably) unhappy about the way the show turned out… not enough cussing, not enough in-fighting, not enough for the audience to ridicule… but I’ll bet you they’re not unhappy about the extreme advertising revenue “Duck Dynasty” affords them to charge. They can’t see that it’s the ROBERTSON family people are tuning in for, not the friggin’ network it happens to be on. Duck Dynasty can survive without A&E, but can A&E survive without Duck Dynasty? I’d like to find out!

      • Joy Cameron


      • Adrienne Anderson Smith


    • Stephanie Gartrell


    • mikeyb

      I personally believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. that Marriage is a Religious Sacrament (it belongs to God not Caesar, No man can have 2 masters, Mammon will continue to corrupt marriage so long as it is not in the hand of God but of the state. Government defined marriage at all is a violation of the 1st amendment)

      With that Being said. There is a HUGE difference between consenting adults (even if you believe it is living in sin) having an emotional/physical intimate relationship. and the rape of an animal.

      Its as absurd as Dr. Ben Carson comparing Homosexual rights to those affiliated with NAMBLA.

      There is another quote where he says Homosexuals, Drunks, Terrorists… and then others try to spin it as him saying drunks and gays are terrorists. which is bull. he is pointing out that sin of any kind is unacceptable before God (or at least that is what I got out of it)

      I agree with the Robertson quote except for the very first word. Bestiality, (rape of an animal) Statutory rape (rape of a child) Rape, Murder, are in such a worse category than Homosexuality it is absurd to compare the 2.

      In the eyes of Christianity Homosexuality is a self damning action. but it is not the sexual torture of an animal or blowing up innocent human life.

      I agree 100% with the intended meaning of what was said by Phil. But when you say words like Bestiality and Terrorist your gonna raise a few eyebrows.

      Your knee jerk response (the same one I had when i first read the line you take issue with) is acceptable… but not THE BEST example of turning the other cheek or seeking to persuade others to come to Christ out of love. Your tone and accusation of where the authors heart is (even if you are accurate) only helps to harden the hearts of others to your message.

      (Good Better Best)
      God Speed.

      • Soldier 7

        I’m sorry, all sin is sin, homosexuality is as bad as bestiality. Same thing in the eyes of God. There is no levels of sin. Sin is sin, and honestly, I will point out people’s hypocrisy. I’m sick of no one fighting for my side of things. Gays are taking over this political world and I’m tired of it. If you even mention something that can be construed as negative towards homosexuals you are a branded a bully and a hate monger. They are trying to silence us, make us fear them. I do not. I will stand against them and point out to them how intolerant they actually are. I will also love them when the time comes to love them. I would never hurt them and I would be nothing friendly until they begin to attack me, like the author of this article did with one line. He totally destroyed all his credibility in that one line. There is a way to talk about things you disagree about while still having respect for the other side.

        • mikeyb

          It is a sin but not a crime. There is a difference between sinful activity (spiritual harm to self) and criminal behavior (harm to the rights of others)

          The idea that you would compare the rape of an animal (or maybe like ben carson to the rape of a child) with sinful behavior of an adult your mistaken.

          Christ says to the sexually moral deviant Go and sin no more. He says of the rapist that he should be drown to death in the depts of the sea.

          The proper role of government is to punish crime not conscience.

          This quote sums up my stance on the issue
          “We do not believe it just to mingle religious influence with civil government, whereby one religious society is fostered and another proscribed in its spiritual privileges, and the individual rights of its members, as citizens, denied.”- D&C 134:9

          Homosexual Marriage and Heterosexual Marriage are religious rites of worship. and as such are Constitutional rights.

          State recognition of marriage is not a constitutional right. However when Heterosexual (christian) marriage is recognized and individuals given certain rights and those same contractual rights be denied other classes of citizens it is clearly a violation of the 14th amendment.

          The government should not recognize homosexual marriage, but here is the caveat. the government should not recognize heterosexual marriage.

    • DOC T

      Does that include the hateful silencing of several television ‘celebs’ that are gay and have supported the Robertsons right to free speech and religion??? Who are the hypocrites…while you are on your little round up them thar Christians and brand em…rodeo. Ignorant ass clowns.

      • Soldier 7

        Your comment makes no coherent sense, try harder next time, I can’t even tell what side you are on.

    • SexySuperVillain

      It seems rather hypocritical to stand behind someones hate-filled words
      as a freedom of speech while discrediting this authors opinion as a
      freedom of speech. The same goes for you claiming the gay and lesbian
      community doesn’t respect someone who disagrees with them while
      defending a religion that doesn’t respect people who don’t agree with it
      and who attempt to bully others into following their belief structure
      by claiming they will burn in Hell if they don’t accept their religious
      dogma. Saying you don’t agree with homosexual behavior is fine, and I
      stand behind his right to his beliefs and his freedom to express them,
      and I also stand behind A&E’s right to choose to remove him from
      their show due to those beliefs and the pain his words caused a large
      majority of viewers. Personally, I found the words about slaves and
      blacks to be more offensive than those about gays. We are all entitled
      to our beliefs and ability to express them, as hateful as that may be.
      Racists, bigots, nazis, homos, misogynists, pedophiles, republicans,
      democrats, anarchists, atheists, gnostics, all are free to their own
      beliefs and all are free to endure criticism and consequences for
      sharing those ideals in a public forum.

      • Soldier 7

        The problem is everyone confuses what hate speech is and what bullying is. Just cause you disagree doesn’t make stuff hate speech and bullying. I think being Gay is a sin and it’s wrong and it’s a sinful choice a person makes, you are not born to be gay. However, I am not the final judge of anybody. I am not going to condemn them to hell, but yes they will probably go there if they don’t repent like any other sinful person. Myself included. You don’t have to believe what I believe, but you have to accept that what I believe differs from what you believe. While I disagree with you I don’t see how we can’t still get along. That is the difference of why my comments and his comments are not hateful. They are just a disagreement. But yes, just as LBGT group will fight for their rights to push their agenda into the public forum I will fight for to repress it. If you want to live that life in your own privacy then go ahead. But do not think for a minute that world agrees with you. The majority doesn’t, they just keep quiet cause most people would rather not fight about it.

        • SexySuperVillain

          You can’t accurately say that the majority disagrees yet keeps quite about it, this is an assumption, it may (Or may not) be true, but it is an assumption regardless, also, you aren’t born gay, but you aren’t born straight either, sexual orientation is learned. I’m a straight man, and though I don’t agree with a homosexual lifestyle, I’m not able to condemn it. They are not harming anyone by being gay nor are the effecting my straight lifestyle. I would condemn bestiality, but the two are nowhere near related. I agree that we can peacefully disagree and do accept that we have differing beliefs, as I am an Atheist. You can believe that your God will punish homosexuals, and others can believe similarly with their religions, but aside from not adhering to your religious laws there doesn’t seem to be a problem with gays being gay.

          • Soldier 7

            Well, here’s my take on it. If they want to be gay then fine. I don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect me. If that’s how they choose to live their life then by all means, live that “sinful” lifestyle (as it is in my religion). They will get their just rewards for it both in the now and the hereafter if nothing changes. I am not the judge though and I cannot say what God will do, but I know if they don’t believe in God they won’t be going to heaven. Here’s where I don’t like the gays though, when they try to change the definition of marriage. That is when gay people begin to encroach on me and my religion and many others religions. I feel marriage is between a man and a woman. If they would want to have a civil union I’d be fine with that. It’s a way for them to get their precious government benfits and be recognized as a couple by the government. But not marriage. Marriage is reserved for a man and a woman and ordained by God. It was created by God essentially. You may not agree with that as you said you are an atheist. But that is generally where marriage came from, religion. I disagree with some of your other points but they are trivial and you seem like an ok person to be keeping your cool with me. So I just wanted to give you a few other of my thoughts on gay people. I would never harm them or bully them, but I will stand against them when it comes to marriage and what they teach about it schools and stuff.

    • Desjay Desjay

      Funny how Christians come out in droves to support hateful, racist, homophobic speech.
      All this says is that Hateful, Homophobic, Racist speech is representative of Christianity.

      You talk about Tolerance, but the LBGT community has seen nothing but INTOLERANCE from religious morons like the Robertsons, and Christians who keep denying everybody equal rights under the law.

      You Christians are reprehensible in your double standards, you think that being Christians gives you ‘more rights’ than others, and when someone actually says “NO” to you, you all collectively roll over on your backs and cry “PERSECUTION”

      Maybe if Christians practiced TOLERANCE, you’d get TOLERANCE in return.

      • Andre Apodaca

        Wow… I thought it was the Catholics who were like that but now as an Ex-Alter boy I must raise my voice and say hey he’s not famous nor is he a celeb, why because they live in La. you wanna go face to face as a man in the backwoods and call him famous bang bang your a gonner with the bible in hand to boot.. get real….

      • Soldier 7

        Everything you say about Christians can just as easily be said about the LBGT group of people. They are intolerant of anyone unlike them or who doesn’t agree with them and if people don’t bend over backwards to accept them they cry PERSECUTION!!!! I accept them as a person but not their lifestyle CHOICE.

  • skeeteril

    Ben Lieban…your full of yourself, and feel the hurt of being ridiculed for being gay.

    He does not represent A$E in his beliefs. They are his, get over it, and obtain a life.

  • BobGyro

    I think that the religious and gay communities should argue this one out and leave the rest of us the phuck alone

  • SoSoU

    He never equated homosexuality to bestiality period. They asked him what was sinful and he listed a few from adulterers to prostitutes; idolaters; swindlers; slanderers; drunkards and homosexuals.

    Pretty much a large list of people and behaviors were slammed, but you don’t see them complaining with the fornicators and thieves since it’s known religious sins. Only the gay community could be so sensitive to zero in on the order. If he had mentioned homo’s after drunkards and mixed the order up some that so called implied that never happened would not have been declared. They merely would have said “its wrong”
    to call us sinful. Then they would trash religion and be happy.

    It was the same list of those who would not enter the kingdom of God and its been known forever. Gays need to respect the religious beliefs of others and move on.

  • 4qbud

    Bullsiht, “The real issue is that the Robertson’s are no longer a private family with feelings about homosexuality. ” That guy didn’t say anything On The Show or On A & E. He was quoted from an interview with GQ Magazine and though YOU believe he gave up his rights as an American when he signed with A&E, as though he sold his soul to the Devil or something, he never, which is insane even for someone like you to say, made any statement on A&E , you numbskull, you LIAR!. You call yourself a Journalist? Well, IF you called yourself a Journalist I would refute that and call you a scoundrel trying to defame a guy and perpetuate lies to bolster your argument. You , are a Liar! This whole premise you use is plagiarism anyway. Someone (Many others in fact) have used this line: “Everyone is entitled to free speech, but there is nothing in the constitution about the right to star on your own reality show” I’ve head it on CNN, MS NBC, FOX, The Huffingtoon Post and now you Here. I don’t watch his show. I have seen one episode and decided that it wasn’t my cup of tea. Hearing that a croup of race baiters and straight bashers had pushed this for a cash payout made me care about the conversation. I hate cheaters and Liars no matter where they come from.

    • Steve Harrod

      YEEEEAH! All right! This little article does smack of the liberal echo-chamber and the marching orders issued from they intolerant lib agenda.

  • J. Bat

    what an incompetent statement you made about Mr. Robertson. He and his family and anyone else are entitled to their views and opinions . Just because he and his family have a very successful TV program doesn’t stop giving him the right to voice his opinion personally or quote from the bible. To say he doesn’t have that right, “IS WRONG”. You, sir , obviously have no regard for this countries constitution. I do.
    Retired military. 100% with Mr. Robertson and his family. Stay strong duck commander.

  • Patrick Watters

    “garbage” – way to go Ben, adding more fuel to the fire, maybe you should go read the Torah and ponder a bit?

  • Hector Algarin

    Ben Liebman what you call garbage we call the Word Of God!!! What you and A&E need to learn is that God will provide for the Roberson family and God will bless all who live by His Word. What you call garbage; which is God revealing Himself to our human race, Will become your cry for help. God is a God of mercy, however just like in the courts of our land there is a time of judgement.

  • DOC T


    • DOC T

      And yes I put the symbol by my name just to piss some of you off!!! What are you gonna do? Beat my ass on the internet…

    • Desjay Desjay

      I’ll type in all caps so you can understand.


      This is the ONLY times you Christians Conservatives come out of the woodwork in droves, is always to protect someone after they make Hateful, Racist, Homophobic Remarks.

      I suggest you read that book of yours, because you’re ignoring ALL of the part about “Love thy Neighbor”, “Judge not” and focusing on only ONE tiny thing in the Bible that let’s you hate a population of the U.S. and using that book to hide behind.

      • CRAIG

        just so you know we Christians do not hate anyone you have all misunderstood what we hate is the sin or the acts that people commit against GOD NOT THE PERSON !!! again we hate the sin or act that is committed against GOD NOT THE PERSON !!! and because we love you when we see you committing a sin we are to tell you that you are committing a sin so you will not do it again and so you can ask Jesus Christ to forgive you so you can go to heaven . just as a man can not have sex with a woman and not be married to her it would be a sin . and this is wrong just as a man having sex with another man is a sin is wrong . also if a man is a Christian he can not date or marry a woman that is not a Christian this would be a sin because only a Christian can marry a Christian . and being a Christian you can not have alcoholic drinks you cannot steal and you cannot murder someone and so on you get the ideal , you must stop doing these things when you become a Christian so when you dIe you can go to heaven . so if you are gay and become a Christian and want to go to heaven you must stop doing homosexual acts with a man just as a Christian man must stop having adulteress acts with a woman . so I think you get what im saying to you about being gay and committing homosexual acts and going to heaven . AGAIN WE HATE THE ACT OF SIN NOT THE PERSON COMMITTING THE SIN !!!!!

        • Mark

          Slight mistake about alcohol. Paul recommended that Timothy, his spiritual son, take wine instead of water, because it would be better for his stomach.

  • Joy Cameron


  • Shaleen Dion

    It is clear that almost everyone is siding with Phil in this argument. He did say what he believed in, and I cannot blame him nor be angered, but I can see why many are, as I do side with them.

    Phil didn’t have to say that homosexuality is a sin in his statement. He may not have thought of the consequences of his actions before saying it, but he could have said many other things that are sins that are overlooked in our society.

    It is a sin to get a divorce. Not many people like to bring that up in arguments. You don’t see people holding up picket signs saying that divorce is a terrible thing and all that do it will go to Hell. They don’t do that because it is now normal in our society to get a divorce.

    Boasting is a sin. Now, tell me, how many of you people have boasted before? I know I have.

    Wearing clothing of the opposite sex is a sin, and many people do it too. I do it! I’ll come to school in my father’s sweaters all the time and no one tells me to take it off unless I would like to go to Hell.

    And last, but not least, it is a sin to abandon your offspring. It is said in the bible that it is one of the worst sins. And there are many religious families that disown their own child because of their sexuality. Little do they know, what they are doing is worse than what their child is doing..

    The things mentioned above go over peoples heads, and they don’t realize it is a sin as well. So if you are going to peg homosexuality as a terrible thing only punishable by Hell itself, then you must peg divorce, boasting, wearing clothing of the opposite sex, and abandoning your child a sin as well. You can’t say homosexuality is a sin because the bible says so and just forget these other sins.

    The reason this has gained so much controversy is because our nation is trying to make gay marriage legal, and there are many people who support them and it is clear we are making progress. So when something like this comes along, many people focused on his statement about gays and felt that instead of taking two steps forward as a nation, we took two steps back. Gays have been criticized for far too long and it needs to stop. There may be people who do not agree with gay marriage and that’s completely fine, but that does not mean they have to hate and insult it. It’s a sexuality, and it does not, in no way, shape, or form, effect you or how you live. They can simply say, ‘I would never do it, but I could never hate someone who is gay.’

    And as I forgot to mention, I was born and raised into a Roman Catholic family, and the bible has not persuaded me to think that being gay is bad. I know no one in my family who thinks that it is. Hell, I have a cousin who’s gay, and Catholic, and he has not been discriminated by the church or him family. And the Pope himself said that the Catholic church pegs homosexuality to be bad thing much more than it should, and that being gay is fine and it just makes you human.

    But, of course, I was not raised the same way as Phil. He is entitled to his opinions and beliefs, and I am entitled to mine.

    • whatever

      Shaleen.. He just listed a bunch of sins, yes he listed homosexuals, but he also listed adultery (heterosexual sin).. Fine so he doesn’t say homosexuals and he says, “wearing the cloths of the opposite sex”, GLAAD is coming down on him because he “said vile and inflammatory remarks” about Transvestites and he compared Transgenders to bestiality.. Ooopppps, how could you be so bigoted, how could you say such hateful and vile things!! How could you believe such garbage?

      I am all for Gay Marriage and Gay Rights and the Gay Movement. I have several friends and relatives that are Gay, there is nothing wrong with being Gay and I’m not particularly religious so I don’t think it’s a sin, but I am NOT on GLAAD’s side, what they did was WRONG.. They are the ones that spewed hate and intolerance, not Phil.. They are the ones that made a big issue of this, not Phil.. Had they just kept their mouths shut, maybe .002% of the US population “might” have read the article, instead of the millions and millions that are ticked off at GLAAD and the Gays now.. Seriously, do you know what GQ magazine is? does anyone on this page? I don’t have a clue!!

  • johnjohnphenom

    This is first level bullshit. The man said what he believes and personally I think he’s right. I don’t even care for the show but I don’t see a reason for all the backlash and I don’t care what any faggot has to say about it. I don’t hate people for being gay but I certainly don’t agree with the lifestyle. Does that make me a bad person? No, it means I have an opinion, like a human should. Btw supporting gay rights doesn’t make you “cool” or “trendy” so cut that shit out people!

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  • Ex MP

    This article is slanted, in a few ways, mainly, “No one is saying that Phil Robertson doesn’t have the right to believe
    that garbage, but being famous on TV doesn’t give you a total get out of
    jail free card.”

    Again, persecution of Phil Robertson and HIS belief in the Bible, God’s true word, all Christians words to live by.

    article equates to EPIC FAIL. Lets face if, THE sleeping Giant has
    been awakened, and its the silent majority. You want Reality TV?
    Interview the people, ask folks who are rural country folk, go ahead,
    check out my fellow rednecks. We are amongst the core of this country,
    plain and simple. It will be a reality show in and of itself.

  • Leslie Vigil

    I hate to break it to the gays and lesbians regarding equality, but you are being treated and recognized as equals in our society. From the beginning of time colored people, Mexicans, Jewish people, Chinese, native Americans, etc. Have had to deal with the battles of discrimination, hate crime, punchlines, etc. Far worse than the gays and lesbians have. It seems to me that if any group can still be offended by an interview answer then the problem isn’t the comment, the problem is their own insecurities. So put your big girl panties on and accept the fact that you are being treated and recognized as equals. Welcome to the world of spics, niggers’ Jews, chinks, fatties, retards, rednecks, white trash, savages, camel jockeys, Catholics, Mormons, and oh so many more “labels” we have dealt with. It was an answer based on HIS beliefs. Learn to pick your battles, this one was unnecessary.

  • gelliott


    What is the “cultural norm” and who established it anyway? Face it, it’s only your impression or opinion of what’s right and wrong, not some established “norm.” What Phil said was a bit crude, but what he said is factually correct by the standards of many (maybe most) Christians in this country. So, if A&E doesn’t feel that the Robertson family can faithfully represent them in the market place, then they should sell their rights to the show to another network (if they actually own any rights). I’m sure there are several other networks that are more than willing (in fact, anxious) to pick up Duck Dynasty. The real loser here is A&E for taking sides in what has become a political (and yes, cultural) battle. Seems to me the wiser position for A&E to have taken is to say something like “the opinions of anyone expressed on this network are not necessarily the opinions of A&E”, and let it go at that. But no, A&E couldn’t be neutral, they had to take sides, and now they can stew in the mess they’ve stirred up.

  • Jack Bandit

    “No one is saying that Phil Robertson doesn’t have the right to believe
    that garbage, but being famous on TV doesn’t give you a total get out of
    jail free card.”

    “”Duck Dynasty” is the biggest show on TV, and a religion in the red states.”

    “The same capitalism that allows for the Robertson’s to be rich and
    famous also holds their feet to the fire when making comments outside
    the cultural norm.”

    Well, I’m glad to see that you kept your bias in check long enough to shit out this article. I mean I expected the religion hits, but to bring it all the way around and tie in Capitalism and red states? Talent. Most people who write, even as a side gig, would aspire to be better or be respected, but not you. No, you seemingly couldn’t care less that no one will ever even remotely compare you to an actual journalist. Listen, you just keep trudging along, okay. Whenever they try to bring up those pesky facts or call you out on twisting the story to fit your opinion, don’t listen. You just keep writing gems like these, you got it?

  • whatever

    This guy is a joke!! “equating gays and lesbians to bestiality”.. He didn’t do that.. He equated bestiality with “sleeping around”, with multiple partners be it man, woman, heterosexual, or homosexual, but if anything he equated it to heterosexuals.. Everything he referred to as a sin, he was looking at from “his” sin, mans, sin.. Note he says “male” prostitution, instead of just prostitution.. He was asked what sin was to him and he answered “as him, a man”..

    “doesn’t have the right to believe that garbage,” Phil was quoting from the bible, so what this guy is saying is: the bible is garbage, believing in God is garbage, being religious, is garbage! Wow, that’s kinda hateful and intolerant!!

    This is priceless: “the story is now threatening to eclipse the show itself unless A&E can get a hold of the Robertson family.” Yeah, how’d that work out for ya GLAAD.. The Robertsons do not need A & E, they were doing fine before it and will be doing fine after it is gone!! I don’t know how well A & E will do without the Robertsons.. The Robertsons are not in this for the money and they have said there are three things they said they would never compromise; their faith, their family and duck season! They told the show when they originally signed, if the show ever started to come between anybody in their family, it would be over.

    Yea, GLAAD, they were really afraid of you! I do think GLAAD will get a thank you note for A & E, thanking them for increasing sales and increasing viewers and all the free advertising..

    • Andre Apodaca


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