ABC Orders Pilot From Shonda Rhimes' Production Company


Shonda Rhimes isn’t just the creator of hit shows “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal”. She’s the most powerful show runner in TV. Chuck Lorre might rival her in terms of production, but without Rhimes there wouldn’t be ABC. Her shows along with “Desperate Housewives” redefined ABC as the network for women 25-55. Without Rhimes there wouldn’t be opportunities for shows like “Revenge” or “Once Upon a Time”. ABC reinforced Rhimes profile as the engine of the network by announcing it would pick up the first pilot from her production company “Shondaland”. has all the bold news about the new ABC show.

ABC has ordered Shondaland drama “How To Get Away With Murder” to pilot, the network told TheWrap.

The pilot was written by Peter Nowalk, who wrote on fellow ABC and Shondaland series “Scandal.”

According to the network, “How To Get Away with Murder” is a law-school legal thriller about students and their mysterious criminal defense professor who get involved in a murder plot.

Rhimes already made hospitals and politics sexy, so it’s a good bet she can do the same thing for the legal world. Nowalk also knows the proper pacing for a Rhimes show from his work on “Scandal”. It’s the type of show that every actress in Hollywood would give their right arm for a chance to star in. Look for it to be the next hit on ABC when the show debuts in 2014.

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