'Game of Thrones' Hits the Big Screen


The hype for the fourth season of “Game of Thrones” has just started to build. With the new season launching in Spring of 2014, all of the stops are being pulled to capitalize on the mammoth popularity the show built up over season three. Would you believe that there is now an opportunity to watch “Game of Thrones” on the big screen? Huffington Post has the news about an event that hardcore fans of the HBO fantasy series will be frothing at the mouth to be apart of.

The Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe will be screening every episode of the epic HBO fantasy series from Jan.6-Mar. 24.

Not only will fans be able to watch the episodes on a giant theatre screen, the screenings will also be free!

Every week 2 or 3 episodes will be shown along with door prizes, appearances by author George R.R. Martin (he owns the theatre, by the way) and there will even be special Skype appearances from some of the cast members.

This is the reason all major authors need to purchase their own movie theatre. Seeing all of your favorite Thrones characters on the big screen is a great way to usher in season four of the show. We’re talking a 10 foot high Tyrion Lannister and feeling the fire coming out of the Dragons. No word yet if there will be live “Rocky Horror” inspired sex-position during the episodes, but expect the unexpected when it comes to Thrones super fans. Now all you need to do is move to Santa Fe for three months.

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