New Trailer For 'Girls' Season 3


HBO has released another trailer for the upcoming third season of the controversial, but always funny “Girls”. Fans of the show won’t be surprised to find out that Hannah and the rest of her friends haven’t changed much during their time away from our Televisions. In fact if anything it seems that Hannah has become even more cynical since we last saw her. According to the new trailer she’s still eating up a storm, and finding her way to happiness in Brooklyn.

Also get ready for more Alison Williams singing in the new season because there is a clip of Marnie’s new song hitting YouTube. If the nepotism slings weren’t landing before then now they’ll now have a new target in her wannabe singing career. Hopefully this is the season when “Girls” loses some of the harsh criticisms that have dogged the show in previous years.

Most of the criticism has stemmed from the show’s portrayal of a Brooklyn populated only by white hipsters, and the powerful backgrounds of the show’s stars. What all of those complaints miss out on is the crisp and sharp writing mixed with the ridiculous realities of growing up in your twenties. Check out the trailer below, and catch the third season of “Girls” when it premieres January 12th 2014 at 10pm. The new season will air after the new crime drama “True Detective”.

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