'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 4, Episode 8: Preview, TV Info, & More

Didn’t anyone tell the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ that it’s not appropriate to fight during the holiday season? From the looks of tonight’s all new episode that message hasn’t been received by the women of Beverly Hills. This season’s battles came to a head during last week’s group trip to Palm Springs, like always with the “Housewives” franchise, thrown by new cast member Joyce.

During the trip Brandi put on quite a show for the other women. First she complained that Joyce’s choice of accommodations wasn’t up to her standards. “Where’s the pool attendant to bring us drinks” she wondered. Then when that wasn’t getting her enough attention she started heckling Joyce, along with Yolanda, about Joyce’s reluctance to get in the pool. Brandi figured that because it was her pool party then she had to get in the pool. When Joyce refused to cave to peer pressure Brandi deduced that she must be a “black person”. What a trip it has been for Brandi.

In part 2 of the trip Brandi commanded even more of the spotlight when she found that he home fell victim to a burglary. And even worse one of her dogs had gone missing. In between all of the drama surrounding Brandi, Yolanda decided to invite all of the ladies to a party at her house where the Canadian Tenors would perform. Yolanda wants to bury the hatchet with the group, so everyone is invited. However according to the synopsis for tonight’s show the hatchet is far from being buried in this group.

Kim sends problem dog Kingsley off to doggy boarding school. Yolanda hosts a night of fine dining and music — provided by the Canadian Tenors — at her gorgeous Malibu home. However, she inadvertently divides the group in two by dubbing herself, Brandi and Lisa “The Dream Team.” Tipsy Brandi continues to insult Joyce, and once in the privacy of their limo ride home, Joyce and husband Michael voice their anger and contempt for Brandi.

What a big choice by Yolanda to host a party where everyone can come together as a group, and then immediately separate the women once again into two sides. I don’t think the term “Dream Team” has ever been misused to prominently. Here’s the Bravo preview of the waves made by Yolanda’s decision to turn a dinner party into “Sophie’s Choice”.

Be there tonight for the awkward place cards, and stay for David Foster’s overinflated sense of self.

Date: Monday, December 23rd
Episode Title: “She Hearts You, She Hearts You Not”
Start Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: Bravo.com

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