What to Watch on Christmas Eve 2013


The Christmas season is a great time for families to come together, but we all need a bit of a life raft once and a while from the often chaotic holiday preparation. Lucky for all of us the good people behind out TVs are prepared for this, and provide a multitude of viewing options during the Christmas season. Below is a list of the best viewing options out there for Christmas Eve 2013.

‘Law & Order S.V.U’ Marathon – USA Network, 4a-8pm

The perfect marathon for those of us who might not be totally into the holiday pomp and circumstance. Sit back all day with Benson and Stabler as they solve some of your favorite New York sex crimes. Nothing says the holiday season like Stabler putting the collar on a serial rapist terrorizing the cities subways. Merry Christmas indeed.

“A Christmas Story” Marathon – TBS, 8pm Christmas Eve – 8pm Christmas Day

There are great holiday movies, and then there is “A Christmas Story”. The story of a young boy and his quest for the ultimate BB rifle is a film that touches all generations. Whether it reminds you of childhood or gives you belly laughs, it’s a can’t miss event each Christmas. My personal favorite scene is the families trip to the Chinese restaurant and the goose served with the head on. That’s a real holiday memory.

Merrython Event – TV Land, 8pm – 6am

No one does classic TV better than the folks at TV Land. I can vouch personally for that. They’ve put together another classic block of holiday television featuring episodes from “The Golden Girls” to “Everybody Loves Raymond”. It’s a can’t miss event for people who love classic TV.

“Elf” – Starz, 12pm

Starz celebrates Christmas by airing 24 hours of the new classic “Elf”. With the giant marketing push we’ve lived through for “Anchorman 2″ it’s nice to see a Will Ferrel movie that’s celebrating the magic of the holiday season.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” – NBC, 8pm

Jimmy Stewart stars in the classic Frank Capra story of a man who learns just how important his life really is. It’s the Christmas movie, and it still holds up after all these years.




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