Phil Robertson Continues to Stick Foot in Mouth


Phil Robertson is the quickly becoming the giving tree of the internet. First we had his controversial GQ interview where he equated Gays to Bestiality, then there was his claim that black people were perfectly happy before the civil right movement, and now Phil’s weighing in on the proper age to settle down and marry. Not shockingly his views on this issue as well are way outside the mainstream. highlighted this nugget that gives us even more insight into the mind of America’s new favorite debate topic. Here’s Phil Robertson from an interview in 2009 discussing the right time to settle down and marry.

Look, you wait ‘til they get to be twenty years-old and the only picking that’s going to take place is your pocket. You got to marry these girls when they’re about fifteen or sixteen and they’ll pick your ducks.

There’s even a video of Phil’s statements for us to watch and enjoy.

Videos like this make me wonder if Phil’s a big fan of “Mad Men”. Now there’s a show that properly displays a woman’s role in society. I guess the question at this point is when do we stop caring about Phil’s long list of comments. I do agree with him on marrying women at a young age if you’re looking to keep them under your thumb. The only way to keep a woman barefoot and cooking is grab them when they’re young. Otherwise they get “educated” and learn about free will. That could ruin a woman. Once that sets in there’s now way to get them to pluck your ducks.

Let’s just all agree to treat Phil the way we treat any other raving long bearded reactionary. He isn’t a political figure, or the leader of a religious group. He’s just a man who’s happy to do what he wants while his wife walks five steps behind him picking up the pieces. If that means violating statutory rules, well that’s the price one has to pay for a hot meal each night. How did Phil’s best friend Sarah Palin have enough time to clean dead Moose and cook it for her family while she was the Governor of Alaska? Todd must have caught her before all that learning spoiled her brain.

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  • Mike

    He clearly is joking. He says it right after. Stop being a stupid ass hole and making up a story just because you had nothing to write about. You make me sick spewing anger for your own personal gain. You are a terrible journalist only writing about your own personal views. Use your facebook for that.

  • R.M. 4 sure

    Phil Robertson never said black people were perfectly happy before the civil right movement. What he said was he never saw any black people that weren’t happy, and that is probably true. How do you know what he saw and didn’t see personally?

  • R.M. 4 sure

    Ben Liebman, you are an idiot, you need to stop trying to read between the lines things that are not there.

  • Earlene Peshnak

    leave Phil alone ,he sure doesn’t make Kate walk 5 feet behind him,he loves her dearly,and treats her with respect and love.He’s a great father ,father in law and grandfather.

  • townie1952

    Cost a fortune to buy this publicity, and all he and A&E have to do is keep coming up with inane things to spout. Gotta love the voyeur society. Is ‘pluck your duck” a euphemism?

  • [email protected]

    Ben you do seem to be a troll. Your headline would have folks think that something new had happened yet your support for this ‘story’ is a clip from 2009. Get a life you boner lol.

  • Vincenzo Tumminello

    Liebman, get your facts straight. Robertson never equated homosexuality to bestiality. He was asked what he considered to be sins and he said lets start with homosexuality and morph out from there; he listed twelve sins. You must be a left wing liberal who still hasn’t read the GQ article. He also never said that blacks were perfectly happy. He said as he was working the fields with black people they seemed to be happier then, Jim Crow, then they are now. Just another personal opinion. Get over your left wing self and report the facts. I see you have a picture of yourself near a mosque, you should check yourself, because the Muslims deal with sinners allot harsher then Christians do; they kill their sinners.

    • Tim Green

      take your ”left wing liberal” noise and shove it up your a**, you brainwashed moron. its like you to consider people who don’t have the same views as you, as complete ill informed idiots.. yet you probably sit on your a** all day watching fox news, like its the #1 source for ”’real” news. think less of people just because you disagree with them. you make me sick. i don’t take sides for a reason.. because it turns people into one sided, pissy, little children.. like yourself.

      • Vincenzo Tumminello

        Mr. Green, Facts are not one sided they are just facts. No, I don’t watch Fox News “all day” and even if I did what does this matter?? I work 65 hours a week to support my family. I don’t think less of anyone, were did you get that from?? Because i called him a liberal, left wing??? You shouldn’t be so offended, it is just the truth and another fact. You sir, sound like another ill informed left wing liberal, you took what i said and distorted it to your own views, like all liberals do. By no means am I brainwashed, i speak common sense and facts. I did not disagree with his opinion, I disagree with how he chose to write this article with no facts. Yes you are a liberal, it’s okay, i understand, not everyone can be conservative.

  • potvin

    Better a foot than a c*ck.

  • Will

    This is really ridiculous – he very clearly says after the quote about “they’ll pick your ducks” that he was just kidding. Way to try and grab some headlines there Ben with a misrepresented quote. You certainly are a fine ‘journalist’. I’m a left-wing Democrat and really don’t like Phil or Duck Dynasty – but it’s writers like you that give the whole profession a bad name.

  • Kathy McKinny

    wow, Ben is it a slow news day??? Way to beat a DEAD HORSE!! Did you hear the professor from Gilligan’s Island died??? Maybe you can find a way to twist that into bashing Phil!!

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