'Intelligence' Series Premiere on CBS: Preview, TV Info, & More


If you saw the Hidden Remote guide to early 2014 TV, then you already know how excited I am over CBS’ new show “Intelligence”. The show stars Josh Holloway, Sawyer from “Lost”, as a one man crime stopper. The show is as if “NCIS” and “Person of Interest” had a baby. Holloway plays Gabriel Vaughn, a man with a super-computer chip imbedded into his brain. He’s the first guy who can check on his fantasy team and stop cyber attacks at the same time.

On a different network with a different lead actor, “Intelligence” might not have worked. However if the show properly riffs on the CBS procedural model then the sky’s the limit. Fans of “Lost” know how great Holloway can be when playing a hero with multiple layers. He was the only actor who could have replaced Kurt Russell in an “Escape from New York” remake. Solving crimes with a super chip in his brain seems like child’s play to a guy who faced the smoke monster.

The other interesting component of “Intelligence” is the female secret service/love interest bodyguard. It’s a role that could be recast multiple times before the show goes off the air. CBS always builds shows like Lego blocks in case a quick switch out is needed. Here’s the tagline CBS is using to promote the show.

He’s the weapon and she’s the protection! Prepare to upgrade with Intelligence

“CSI” is going to look like small potatoes when Holloway is brain scanning crime scenes for DNA.

Date: Tuesday, January 7th
Episode Title: “Pilot”
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: CBS
Online Stream: CBS.com

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