'Top Chef' New Orleans Season 11, Episode 13: Preview, TV Info, & More

The Nick vs. Carlos feud on “Top Chef” is not much of a battle. For the past few weeks the show has pitted these two chefs against each other. Carlos claimed Nick “stole ovens” from him in a challenge. That was reconciled by a quick group apology by Carlos. The chefs are candid in their one on one interviews with producers, but around each other everyone’s still playing the friend game. That’s one of the core problems with this season. This year’s cast has cared more about camp friendships than winning a culinary competition. The show isn’t called “Top Friend Bracelet”.

This week culinary legend Jaques Pepin appears as a guest judge in challenges built around Spanish vs. French. Here’s the Bravo synopsis of tonight’s new episode, titled “Oui Si A Challenge”.

Culinary legend Jacques Pepin tests the chefs technique in a Quickfire based on one of his favorite dishes. For their Elimination Challenge, the French and Spanish are battling it out in the kitchen as the cheftestants make meals to represent both cultures.

Nick and Carlos are on opposite teams to maximize the tension between them. Last week Carlos borrowed Nick’s favorite knife to butcher his fish. Carlos knew that Nick loved the knife like a family pet, but he left dried fish guts on the knife. Nick told the camera he was furious. Nick then whined to Carlos about leaving his knife dirty. That’s the best this season has for tension. Who left the fish guts on my knife?

Of the six final chefs, Nina has the best chance of winning. She’s been the most consistent chef on the show, even if she deals from her Italian playbook a bit too much.

Date: Wednesday, January 8th
Episode Title: “Oui Si A Challenge”
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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