Zoe Saldana Cast as Lead in NBC's Remake of 'Rosemary's Baby'


Major casting news from NBC in their attempt to remake the classic horror film “Rosemary’s Baby” into a television miniseries. It seems they have found the perfect actress to take the Mia Farrow role in the original. According to the report on Deadline.com, NBC has tapped actress Zoe Saldana as the new Rosemary. Here’s the key part of their report.

Avatar and Star Trek star Zoe Saldana has been tapped as the lead in NBC’s four-hour miniseries Rosemary’s Baby, an adaptation of the 1967 best-selling suspense novel by Ira Levin. The mini centers on Rosemary (Saldana), a young wife and would-be mother who, with her husband, moves into a Paris apartment that has a dark past. After finally getting pregnant, she becomes increasingly suspicious that both her husband and their mysterious neighbors have ulterior motives about the future of her child.

The casting of Saldana is a great move in differentiating this remake from the original. It would easy to laugh at the idea of NBC remaking a classic property, but that was the conventional wisdom in their “Sound of Music Live”. That special ended being such a hit for the network that now yearly live musicals will become the new normal.

Here’s the trailer for the original “Rosemary’s Baby” adaptation directed by Roman Polanski.

Is today’s audience clamoring for another “Rosemary’s Baby”? Not much proof of that. However the work done by NBC with “Hannibal” is enough proof of life for this remake.

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