Top 5 'Girls' Episodes from Season 1 & 2

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HBO’s hit show “Girls” can be as divisive a topic as politics or religion. Everyone seems to have a fully developed emotional reaction to the show. Bring it up at a family dinner and your mother may ask why “that girl takes her top off all the time?”. People might hate “NCIS: LA”, but they don’t react to the show as if it is reality. “Girls” triggers the opposite reaction among people. We want to believe that Hannah is a real person, and we all know how to fix her. That’s the genius of Dunham’s over flawed lead character. She’s just a lost puppy in Bushwick. Who wouldn’t want to save that?

With the third season premiere of “Girls” arriving this Sunday on HBO, now’s the perfect time to look back on the five best episodes from season 1 and 2. Here’s Hidden Remote’s Top 5 “Girls” episodes from Season 1 & 2.

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