'Better Call Saul' Gets Premiere Date from AMC


The one thing drug dealers are good about is making sure their clients are never too far away from their next hit. AMC knows the kind of users it cultivated from the hit show “Breaking Bad”. The rabid fan reaction to the last season of Walter White was more than enough for AMC to green light the spinoff “Better Call Saul”. “Breaking Bad” is slowly dissolving from our system, but now AMC is pumping us up again with that baby blue with the “Better Call Saul” getting a premiere date from the network.

Deadline.com has all of the details from the AMC announcement concerning”Better Call Saul”, “Mad Men”, and other new shows from the network. The bold news of course is “Better Call Saul” slated for a November 2014 launch.

At the beginning of its TCA presentation today, AMC announced its 2014 scheduling plans, which include an April 13 bow for Mad Men and a November launch for Better Call Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman — before meeting client Walter White.

The world created by Vince Gilligan in “Breaking Bad” is so deep and real that “Better Call Saul” feels like a guaranteed hit. Making the show a prequel to the Walter White story allows the writers to include some of our favorite parts of the “Breaking Bad” story lines, but without compromising the story arcs. It’s highly possible for Saul to have business with Mike or Gus in the story or for Jesse to cut off Saul on the highway by using the prequel device.

If “Better Call Saul” captures half of the excitement of “Breaking Bad”, then AMC would have a case at being the most important network on cable. The days of HBO and Showtime all alone at the top of the heap are now gone. With these new launches, and “Mad Men” returning AMC isn’t going away any time soon.

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