'Duck Dynasty' Season 5 Premiere: Preview, TV Info, & More


Maybe you’ve heard of this little show on A&E called “Duck Dynasty”. In four seasons the show went from a cute redneck reality show to the one of the highest rated shows on cable. The show’s popularity was on full display in December when controversial remarks emerged from Phil Robertson. They were the kind of remarks that might have killed a lesser show, but “Duck Dynasty” fans seemed to rally behind their favorite TV Dad, even if they disagreed with his views.

Tonight A&E launches the fifth season of “Duck Dynasty”, and they have a definite plan to ignore the drama surrounding Phil’s foot in mouth problem. The show is introducing new characters tonight in the form of Rebecca Robertson, Phil’s Granddaughter back from an LA intership, and a new mystery member of the family. As long as Uncle Si is around the show can go on. Phil might be Willie’s Dad, but there are so many personalities to focus on that losing him shouldn’t hurt the show. Expect tonight season 5 premiere of back to back new episodes to hit ratings gold.

Here’s the description of tonight’s two news episodes of “Duck Dynasty” from A&E.

Willie becomes concerned about Rebecca’s future when she returns from her internship in Los Angeles; sick Uncle Si makes himself at home in Phil and Ms. Kay’s living room.


Korie’s job-seeking cousin, JD, tries to befriend the guys in the Duck Call room; Uncle Si baby-sits Jep’s children and leads them on an unusual treasure hunt.

Be there tonight for the Robertson’s return to reality TV.

Date: Wednesday, January 15th
Episode Title: “Boomerang Becca & Willie’s Number Two”
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: A&E
Online Stream: AETV.com

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