'Top Chef' New Orleans Season 11, Episode 14: Preview, TV Info, & More

The sleepiest season of “Top Chef’ continues tonight on Bravo. I’m not saying this season has been boring, but last week’s episode should have come with a warning about not operating heavy machinery after watching it. There hasn’t been on shocking elimination all season. Last week the bottom three were Nick, Shirley and Stephanie. Let’s do the math on that judging decision. Nick had immunity, so he was safe. Shirley is one of the best cooks of the season, and wasn’t going anywhere. Stephanie is a insecure mousey chef who seems more and more afraid each challenge. There was no drama when Stephanie was sent home. It felt more like putting down of a family pet than a reality show elimination.

The one angle “Top Chef” is trying to play up is the rivalry between Nick and Carlos. In previous episodes we saw them argue over knives and ovens, but never raise their voices. They fight like librarians. This week’s show promotes another battle between the two chefs. Can we trust this season of “Top Chef” or have they cried wolf too much already? How can a season based in New Orleans be this bland. Tonight producers attempt to kick it up a notch with two guest stars. Here’s the Bravo synopsis with all the info.

Food Truck pioneer Roy Choi stops by to judge this week’s Quickfire — a Nola staple -– po’ boys. And for the Elimination Challenge, Actor/Director Jon Favreau stops by and asks the chef’testants to dig deep to put their own culinary visions on a plate.

Roy Choi and Jon Favreau have enough personality to fill their own shows, so maybe tonight won’t be so bad after all. Of course then I saw this preview from Bravo of the big fight between Nick and Carlos also on tap tonight. What controversial situation have the chefs got themselves into now? Did someone try to shave a chef’s head again or did someone scream obscenities? Well in keeping to the white bread taste of Season 11 “the fight” is about stove placement. That’s a topic that always gets people excited. Take a look below.

Date: Wednesday, January 15th
Episode Title: “Po’ Boy Smackdown”
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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