'The Good Wife' Season 5 Episode 12: We, the Juries

The Good Wife

We, the Juries

This episode will have to hold us Good Wife lovers for a while, so of course it leaves us on a huge cliffhanger.

It begins with this weeks lawsuit. Howard Lampy and Darla Riggs by all accounts look like the odd gold-digging trophy girlfriend and the creepy older could be her father boyfriend, but appearances can be deceiving, these two are the exception to the rule. There is a motion before the court to try these two defendants separately on drug trafficking charges. The main reason, Lockhart-Gardner represents Darla Riggs and Florrick-Agos represents Howard Lampy. When the couple was first charged, they worked for the same firm, but no longer do. The Judge agrees to try the defendants separately, but during one trial. That means two sets of juries and the added benefit of Will and Alicia working together again.

Marilyn, Eli and Peter watch the video that might implicate the governor of stealing the election. Peter has never seen the video before, but unfortunately the man on the video, Jim Moody was on the campaign’s payroll. Also, during the election lawyers argued that the ballot box was stuffed and then it turned out the votes were for Peter. Marilyn grasps the implications of the video and intends to investigate any wrongdoing. She’ll interview Eli first and is hesitant to leave Eli and Peter alone, reminding them that it’s the cover up that will kill them. Finally alone, Peter and Eli don’t have any clue who leaked the video, but suspect it might be someone over at Lockhart-Gardner.

Jury selection begins and the entire process is complete chaos. It becomes immediately clear that Lockhart-Gardner and Florrick-Agos are not working together, but against each other. They both intend to throw each others defendant under the bus and make them take the blame for the entire drug bust. When the selection montage is over, both sides task their respective investigators to dig up dirt on the significant others. This gives Robyn the opportunity to let Alicia and Cary know that the Paige Group is feeling neglected by Will and Lockhart-Gardner and there’s a chance to sign another client. Kalinda crosses paths with Cary and tries to make amends, but Cary blows her off.

The first witness is a TSA agent from the airport. He testifies that they appeared nervous and suspicious, so he suspected that they might be transporting drugs. He had them searched and produced two pounds of cocaine. Diane questions the agent and makes a point that the drugs were found in Mr. Lampy’s bag making any evidence they have on Miss Rigg’s circumstantial. Alicia then brings up evidence that the TSA agent has no way of knowing who the bag belonged to, that in fact, Miss Rigg’s did not want to check a bag, so Mr. Lampy, having less baggage, carried it on for her.

Marilyn questions Eli about the video first. He confirms that the man in the video appears to be Jim Moody. She asks if Eli ordered him or in any way hinted at it. He says no, but he makes and delegates a number of decisions each days and allows his staff to use their own creative discretion on how to complete tasks, so she asks him what order if any he might have said to compel Mr. Moody to use his creative discretion to rig an election. He told Mr. Moody that they were short votes in the twelfth precinct and needed to get out the vote and that he might have also said that they needed to do whatever they could. Marilyn realizes that it’s a matter of interpretation and if Mr. Moody considered those words as the order to commit election fraud. The question is if Eli thinks Mr. Moody will confirm that he wasn’t ordered.

Robyn questions a flight attendant that Mr. Lampy and Miss Rigg’s transported the drugs on and discovers that there was a mile high club in the bathroom. Moments later Kalinda shows up at the door with questions. In the next scene the flight attendant is on the stand. She testifies that Mr. Lampy was very agitated when another passenger tried to touch his carry on luggage.

Eli meets with Jim Moody, who confirms he planted the stuffed ballots and did it because Eli said to take the gloves off. Moody says he could get three years for election fraud and wants a reason why he would do that. Eli hopes its because he’s a good soldier. Moody responds that he can get less if he testifies, Eli reminds him that he won’t have any friends if he does that, but if the decision to commit election fraud stops with Moody that he’ll have a very good friend in the Governor of Illinois. Moody agrees.

Back with the flight attendant, Cary asks if the mile high incident was between Miss Rigg’s and another female passenger and that in fact she was feigning love to get Mr. Lampy to transport the drugs. Diane crosses and intimates that the flight attendant disapproves of Darla Rigg’s lifestyle and is in fact making some assumptions.

The defense gets a plea deal, but it’s a package deal for both of them. They refuse the deal, but while in the hallway they see two jurors but on different juries.

At the end of the day, Kalinda finds Cary at a bar. She is insistent on making amends, but Cary is still cold. She makes a full apology and tells him she misses him when suddenly the bartender spills a drink on Cary, he leaves to clean up in the restroom. While he’s away, Cary gets a text from Robyn with intel that the CEO of the Paisley Group solicited sex, Kalinda can’t help herself, but read the text while Cary is gone.

Back in court, Alicia doesn’t come forward with the information that juries are speaking with each other. The next witness is a door man from the hotel that Mr. Lampy and Miss Rigg’s stayed at. There is a video that shows the defendants both meeting with a known drug lord. When Cary crosses the witness, he asks if the drug lord has any legitimate businesses and indeed he does. The video in fact shows the couple setting up a scuba diving class for a later time and only for Miss Rigg’s. It’s clear that each side is implicating the other defendant. Diane thinks it would be better if they work together, but Alicia says she’s not the one Diane needs to convince, it’s Will she should talk to. Just then, Will receives a text for Kalinda about the Paisley group. He leaves to join Kalinda.

The two of them speak with the CEO of the Paisley group, played by Tom Skerritt. Paisley says he considered Florrick-Agos, but says he’s happy and they have nothing to worry about. Still, Will says there are areas that they can help, like the solicitation charge by Haley Elliot. Mr. Paisley doesn’t understand, Haley is not a prostitute, she’s his daughter. Will and Kalinda can’t apologize fast enough and realize Cary tricked them.

In court, Cary gets a call from Mr. Paisley. Alicia is on the phone with Marilyn and sets a meeting. Will questions the door man and it turns out that the drug lord only speaks portuguese and that between Mr. Lampy and Miss Rigg’s only Mr. Lampy speaks portuguese and he is the only one that can have a meaningful conversation with the drug lord. Alicia quickly objects, but the trial has been convoluted by all their lawyer tricks that he overrules her. Alicia has no choice but to bring up the incident between the two jurors, but when Will is asked to corroborate, he doesn’t.

Marilyn questions Alicia about the video. She’s never seen it and reminds her that as their lawyer she went to court to delegitimize the stuffed ballot. Marilyn’s questioning then turns to Jim Moody, but Alicia is abrupt that she has no further information that she can provide about the video. Marilyn thanks her for her time, but notices that she’s agitated. She watches as Alicia enters her husbands office instead of leaving. Alicia is more than a little upset and wants to know how much Peter knows. He reminds her that he asked her to go to court for them, but she reminds him that he didn’t, that it was Eli. He agrees and that’s because Eli didn’t know anything about the election rigging and neither does he, but it’s clear there is a chance that he might have played a part. Alicia doesn’t care about him, only about their son because this is going to escalate into a federal investigation and doesn’t want her son dragged into it. She wants Peter’s assurances that he’ll fix it.

Kalinda shows up at Cary’s apartment. She can’t believe that he swindled her, but they both get a nice laugh out of it. She’s hoping they’re even know and asks him for a drink. They both agree it’s not a good idea, but Cary accepts her invitation anyway.

The next witness is the head of security from the hotel. They’re watching a video of Mr. Lampy handing the drug lord an envelope. The drug lord was not staying there, so there’s no way for him to get up to the rooms without a guest giving him a key. Will crosses and makes clear that there is no way for them to know what is in the video. Robyn on the other hand does notices something from it.

She recognizes the drug lords T-Shirt from the Honey Bar, an establishment he owns. The flight attendant has a hat from the same establishment. The question is if they should tell Will and Diane. Alicia says they have to because this only works if they’re questioning is in sync.

Will questions the flight attendant. He is going along with their plan to discredit the witness, first by asking her about her drug addiction and her debt. Alicia then questions the flight attendant and adds that she doesn’t have to go through security and that she’s the one that planted the evidence on the couple.
The couple and their lawyers anxiously wait for a ruling, when Cary says that Darla’s jury is back. They find her not guilty, but the other jury would like to have some testimony read back. Mr. Lampy and Alicia realizes that is a bad sign.

Marilyn sits down with Will. She asks him about the video, he confirms that he became aware of the video. When she asks if he brought this video to the Governor’s attention he refuses to answer because of attorney/client privilege. Will intends to use this as leverage. Marilyn brings Will to Peter and asks for Peter to waive attorney/client privilege. Peter asks to speak to Will alone. Will says he’d say that the video proves thirty-thousand votes are fraudulent. It’s a blatant lie, but Will has the upper hand and wants retribution for Peter taking back Diane’s judgeship. Peter then informs Marilyn that he won’t waive attorney/client privilege.

Cary and Alicia bring another plea deal to Mr. Lampy, he’d do two years in prison. Mr. Lampy isn’t sure what to do and Alicia says he has a 50/50 chance of being acquitted. He asks Alicia what she would do. In the next scene, Mr. Lampy is taken into custody and asks Darla to wait for him.

Eli reads Marilyn ethics investigation report and it concludes that her investigation is incomplete. Marilyn says it will stay inconclusive and the governor is in real trouble and for one reason, Will Gardner.

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